Youth march headed towards Alablour village

Dozens of youths headed walking on foot from Kobani city towards Alablour village west of Kobani city, as a continuation of the march organized by the Syrian Youth Movement as part of the condemnation of the international conspiracy that affected Ocalan.


For the third day in row, after crossing about 60 kilometer walking on foot, dozens of youths from various areas of north and east Syria in the Euphrates region condemning the international conspiracy against the leader Ocalan, continue their march. 

The youths, who set off from the center of al-Jalibah (60 km southeast of Kobani) arrived to the city on Wednesday after two days of continuous march. They then resumed walking towards the village of Alablour 10 kilometers west of Kobani.

The youths headed to Alablour village because it is the first village which hosts the leader Ocalan when he first crossed to Rojava on 2 July 1979, the house where the leader stayed for more than 40 days is there, it is scheduled that the youths will stand beside it to deliver a statement expressing their rejection of the plot and their demands for the release of Ocalan.

In the meantime, despite the difficult weather conditions and the heavy rain in the region, youths continue to insist on delivering the message.



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