Youth of al-Raqqa march to denounce violations against Afrin and Idlib

Yesterday evening, the youth of Al-Raqqa organized a torch march condemning the aggression of the Turkish occupation on the areas of northern Syria in general and Afrin in particular, and the attacks on civilians in Idlib.

Hundreds of young people, members of local institutions in the northern countryside, members of al-Raqqa and the youth of the Future Syria Party in al-Raqqa and the party's youth coming from Idlib and the people of the city gathered in Hukomiya area north of the city of al-Raqqa. They took part in a demonstration to denounce the attacks and threats of the Turkish occupation of northern and eastern Syria against the people of Afrin, in addition to denouncing the targeting of the regime and its Russian support for civilians in Idlib.

The demonstration marched through the government area to the Hazima area amidst slogans denouncing the Turkish occupation of Syrian territory, carrying banners reading, "Stand up against Erdogan's occupation of Afrin and Idlib of Syria". "We will destroy the mentality of slavery,", and "we will all martyr for the Syrian territory ". In addition to lifting torches.

The march stopped in the area of Hazima where marchers stood a minute of silence, followed by a speech on behalf of the Committee on Youth and Sports in al-Raqqa Civil Council Anwar Mohammed, he said, We renew our pledge to our people in occupied Afrin that we will be the revolutionary torches that will participate in the liberation of Afrin from the hands of the Turkish tyrant," said Anwar Mohammed, We will not forget the displacement and massacres the occupiers and their mercenaries have committed against our people in Afrin. "

Mohammed pointed out that the burning of agricultural crops in the north and east of Syria and depriving citizens of their livelihood, which they have built many hopes on, is another form of war and systematic aggression practiced by foreign hands in support of mercenaries inside to hit the local economy and starve the people, after the resistance of the people of our regions achieved victories in the great liberation of the region and defeating Daesh and its supporters. "

On behalf of the Future Syria Party branch in Idlib, Shalash Al-Nasser delivered a speech and said: "We are in solidarity with our families who have been displaced from their homes and land under the eyes of the world who is complicit with the Turkish violations against our land and our people. We condemn the international silence on them, even though the words of condemnation and denunciation are no longer useful for the crime and fierce attacks; the aerial bombardment and artillery attacks on our people in both Afrin and Idlib, and even hospitals and medical dispensaries did not survive the attacks of the regime and its Russian supporter.

"We are here to say that Syria is caught between a rock and hard place: ambitions and the interests of states and the terrorist organizations, and who will save Syria and bring it out of crisis are its people, men and women, and this is our constant call for the implementation of international resolution 2254, which includes a political solution to Syria under the auspices of the international community, agreements and suspicious transactions that are made by the interests of regional and global states that live on our blood and the remains of our children. In conclusion, we confirm that the future of Syria will be at the hands of its patriotic and loyal children. "

The activities of the march concluded with chanting slogans calling for the exit of the Turkish occupation of Syria.


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