Youth of Aleppo: Prisons resistance is symbol of victory, we to continue struggle

A number of youth in Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood condemned the isolation imposed by the Justice and Development Government on the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan. The youth also denounced the negligence of international humanitarian organizations and stressed the need to support the resistance of hunger strikers.

While the AKP continues to impose severe isolation on the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan, the hunger strikers have been resisting in and out of the Turkish prisons for more than four months, as social and popular reactions against the isolation and supporting the resistance of the strikers are escalating. A number of youth from Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood in Aleppo, through our agency, Hawar news agency (ANHA) confirmed their determination to continue the struggle to lift the isolation on Ocalan.

Ahmed Ali denounced the isolation, and also denounced the negligence of the International Human Rights organizations with regard to the Turkish state's practices against Ocalan, which violates many international conventions. Ali said that Human Rights organizations exist only on paper, but in reality, they do not exist.

At the end of his speech, Ahmed Ali appealed to all the youth of Sheikh Maksoud, Rojava and the world to move and step up the struggle to lift the isolation on Ocalan. "We will continue our efforts for the leader at every moment," he said.

The young man, Seyamand Hamo, saluted during his speech the strikers' resistance amid all the actions and pressures practiced against them, and called on the international community to move to lift the isolation on Ocalan. As youth, with this will and resistance, we will lift the isolation and intensify our efforts in our regions because the prisons' resistance is one of the symbols of victory," he said.



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