Youth of Middle East: Leyla Guven's resistance would prevail

The youth of the Middle East, in their second conference held in Kobanî, said that the resistance of Leyla Guven would prevail, and would be a slogan for the freedom of leader Abdullah Ocalan and an example of global women.


The Youth of the Middle East held its second conference on February 20, 21 at the Culture and Art Hall of Kobanî canton of the Euphrates region in northern Syria.

  The number of arrivals to the conference reached 300 delegates, who came from various countries in the Middle East, the four parts of Kurdistan, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Libya, Armenia and Egypt.

Delegates from Tunisia, Yemen, Africa and North Sudan joined the conference via the social media website Skype.

The conference saluted the resistance of the struggler and parliamentarian Leyla Guven which entered its 110th day of hunger strike demanding the lifting of the isolation of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan. Leyla Guven also sent a letter to the youth conference.

Leyla Guven planted the strength in the heart of young people

A member of the Communist Party of Iran, Denyar Rahmani, noted that Leyla Guven planted the strength and will in the heart of the youth and added, "the resistance of Leila Guven is an important step for women, and the world should support the detainees who resist in Turkish prisons."

The young woman Zaour Dayi al-Din said that resistance of Leila Guven would win, she added, "The resistance of Leyla Guven has become a motto for free women, giving the power and will for the young women to stand against slavery and power, and I am sure that the resistance of Leyla Guven and her comrades will prevail."



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