Youth sit-in continues on 6th day amid visits from al-Raqqa, al-Tabqa

Al-Raqqa Youth and the Young Women's Union in al-Raqqa denounced the Turkish violations in the Syrian territories and the practices of the Turkish occupation in Afrin, which Turkey would like to include in the Turkish territory, during their participation in the sit-in tent set up by the youth of al-Tabqa a week ago.

Al-Tabqa Youth Council and the Young Women's Union continue their sit-in for the sixth consecutive day in the tent set up where dozens of civil and military persona al-Tabqa and al-Raqqa flow to.

Al-Raqqa Youth Council and the Young Women's Union in al-Raqqa visited today the sit-in tent in conjunction with the visit of a number of members of al-Tabqa Civil Council and its affiliated councils.

On behalf of al-Tabqa Civil Council Fayza Hassoun, the co-chair of the People's House in the village of Ayed decried the blatant violations committed by the Turkish occupation in Afrin, the last of which was attempt to occupy Afrin uprooting it from the motherland Syria to build the wall of partition, stressing that the land was watered with the blood of the martyrs will return to their owners sooner or later.

During the visit of al-Raqqa Youth and the Young Women's Union in the sit-in tent in al-Tabqa, they made a statement to the public opinion which was read by the administrator of the Young Women Union in al-Raqqa Manal al-Thaweeb.

The statement demanded the lifting isolation of the leader of the peoples Abdullah Ocalan and described the open hunger strike involving dozens of strugglers in condemnation of the policy of Turkish occupation in prisons and isolation imposed on the leader Abdullah Ocalan as holy resistance.

The statement condemned the international silence about the Turkish fascism's ongoing violations in Afrin that had driven civilians from their homes and the construction of a separation wall in Afrin to change the geography of the area.

After the completion of the words, a film was presented describing the violations committed by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries in Afrin since its occupation early last year.



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