Youth, Sports Body preparing stadium in Kobani

In order to develop the sport in Kobani, the Youth and Sports Body in Kobani is preparing to open a football stadium in the city.

In order to develop sports, especially football, which is favored by young people and children, the Youth and Sports Body is opening football field with a length of 52 meters and width of 32 meters. It is located at the center of the Youth and Sports Body, under the name "Kobani Children."

"The construction works of the stadium began three months ago and is due to be finished in a month," officials said. The stadium will be dedicated to young women and children, and the core teams in Kobani will receive training at the stadium.

The administrator in the Youth and Sports in Kobani canton Ahmed Darwish talked about the subject and said, "We aim to open the way for young people to practice football easily. We need a big stadium because there is not a big stadium in Kobani."



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