YPG congratulates July 19 Revolution, renew pledge to continue protect revolution principles

The General Command of the YPG blessed the anniversary of the July 19 revolution, and said: "Despite all attempts to stifle the revolution, we, as the People's Protection Units, announce once again our steadfast pledge to defend our revolution,  people and society to the last drop of our blood."

This came through a statement issued by the General Command of the People's Protection Units on the occasion of the anniversary of the July 19 revolution, in which it said:

"Eight years have passed since the July 19 Revolution. On its 9th anniversary, it became great hope for all the people of the world. The democratic, ecological and sexual freedom model is step-by-step implemented with the blood of the heroic martyrs.

Like all world revolutions, Rojava Revolution built its existence under very difficult circumstances. From the start, it was face-to-face with the attacks of ISIS and its terrorist supporters and the attempts of the failed Turkish state. But our freedom-loving people, on the basis of fundamental protection, have showed historical resistance from the beginning of the revolution to the present for humanity.

The July 19 Revolution proved to the world that the only way out of the crisis that the capitalism caused is on the basis of the democratic nation. It has become a unique example for all people of the world for building a free future. This is based on the fact that many volunteers from all parts of the world joined the ranks of the revolution.

Despite all attempts to stifle the revolution, we announce once again our firm decision, and commitment to defend our revolution, people and society until the last drop of our blood. On this occasion on the anniversary of the July 19 Revolution and at the same time establishing the People's Protection Units (YPG)) we renew our pledge once again that we continue to protect the revolution principles, and defend our people against all reactionary attacks.

On this basis, we bless July 19 Revolution on the leader of the Kurdish people, the martyrs of the revolution and all of our people. "

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