YPG eliminated 23 mercenaries, arrested 1,554

 The People Protection Units (YPG) revealed the results of the battles broke out in February and March, and said they had eliminated 23 mercenaries and arrested 1,554 others. The units also seized weapons and equipment. YPG pointed out that 21 fighters had martyred during a statement.

On Friday, YPG published a statement on their official website, revealing the outcomes of the fighting took place in February and March. The units indicated that 16 fighters were martyred during the battles and 5 others as a result of traffic accidents. They also confirmed that they had eliminated 23 mercenaries, arrested 1,554 and seized ammunition.

The statement included,

"In the context of our struggle to eradicate Daesh mercenaries, al-Baguz village, the last stronghold of Daesh mercenaries, was liberated in March 21. In March 23, the end of Daesh mercenaries in the area was officially declared.

But our operations against Daesh mercenaries and their dormant cells continue as Daesh mercenaries organized themselves in the region in the form of sleeper cells. In the context of the operations carried out by the Anti-Terrorist Units and the special operations' teams of YPG, qualitative operations have been carried out against the cells.

During February and March, many special operations which thwarted terrorist attacks and exterminated many sleeper cells of Daesh mercenaries were launched, producing important results in the ongoing struggle against the mercenaries and the extremist ideology.

During the two months, the Anti-Terrorist Units (Y.A.T) and the Special Forces carried out 152 operations against the dormant cells of the mercenaries. The details are below:

The raids: 18.

The attacks that were foiled: 3 attacks.

The mercenaries who were arrested: 1,554 mercenaries.

The number of the mercenaries killed during the operations: 23 mercenaries including an Amir.

A Yazidi person who had been kidnapped by the mercenaries was also liberated.

The weapons and ammunition seized during the operations:

 12 pistols including 2 silencers in addition to a box of bullets of 9 m caliber.

2 Kalashnikovs.

7 stores of Kalashnikov and 3 bullets' boxes.

A night vision scope.

2 hand grenades.

9 explosive devices.

Weapon of RBK type.

During February and March and within al-Jazeera Tempest campaign in al-Baguz, a fighter in the ranks of the Women Protection Units (YPJ) and 16 fighters of our units martyred, while other 5 fighters martyred in various places in the result of accidents they have been exposed to while carrying out their mission.


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