YPG fighters: Tel Hamis was ghost town before its liberation

The fighters of the People Protection Units (YPG) who had participated in Tel Hamis campaign said the district had been changed into a garden after it was liberated from ISIS mercenaries.

The district was under the occupation of ISIS mercenaries before it was liberated by the YPG, and YPJ on February 27, 2015, followed by other campaigns that led to the cleansing of the entire areas of NE, Syria from ISIS and the rest of the Turkish-backed mercenary gangs.

The fighter Shorsh Qandil, from Um al-Kef village in the town of Jazah in Tel Hamis district:" He commemorated his participation in the battle of the liberation Tel-Hamis campaign, saying: "It memory still stick in our minds, and unforgettable, because there have been painful and beautiful things." 

Qandil said that "the YPG liberated Tel Hamis district to protect its people and rid them of the injustice of ISIS and its brutal practices, and in response to the demand of Tel-Hamis people, and their request from the YPG to liberate the district in 2015.

Qandil said: "After five years of liberation, the district of Tel- Hamis witnessed a great development, before liberation from the mercenaries of ISIS, it was like a ghost town, and now it is like a garden with a variety of flowers."

Ibrahim al-Darwish, a fighter from the village of Kairouan, south of Tel Hamis, and a participant in the liberation campaign of Tel Hamis, said that "the liberation of Tel Hamis district did not exceed three days, because of our fighters fought bravery against ISIS, and by opening three axes to fight ISIS mercenaries, who took civilians' homes as their headquarters."

Darwish said "The people welcomed YPG, which liberated Tel Hamis with great joy, cheers, and expressed their resentment from ISIS mercenaries."

He added: "After the liberation of the district, the people lived there in security and stability after providing all the means of life in it, including electricity, roads and bakeries."

Darwish said "There are several components and sects fighting within YPG, and from all Arab and Kurdish clans, and there is no discrimination among them and their aim is to liberate the areas from ISIS mercenaries and defeat terrorism,".



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