YPG revealed martyr's record

The People Protection Units (YPG) revealed the record of the martyr Mehmet Kazici (Şerzan Botan), who was martyred on March 4 - 2018 in Rajo district  as a result of a Turkish air raid .


The People's and Women's Protection Units (YPG and YPJ) issued a statement today, in which they revealed the record of martyr Mehmet Kazici (Şerzan Botan).

The units expressed their condolences to the martyrs and praised the great role played in the Resistance of the Age that took place in Afrin against the Turkish occupation, and promised to walk on his path until achieving his goal.

The martyr's record is as follows:

The nom de guerre : Şerzan Botan

The real name : Mehmet Kazici

Mother and Father Name: Kamîle - Xelîl

Place and date of martyrdom: Afrin / Rajo / March 4, 2018



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