YPG reveals outcome of a combing campaign against IS cells

The Media Center of the People's Protection Units(YPG) revealed the outcome of a combing campaign carried out by its forces against Daesh's cells in the area between the cities of al-Hasakah and al-Shadadi, which resulted in the killing of three mercenaries and the seizure of weapons, ammunition and explosive device.

The YPG media center issued a statement in this regard, saying:

`` Our Special Combat Units carried out a campaign against ISIS sleeper cells between the cities of Al-Hasakah and al-Shadadi, 3 terrorists were killed and our units seized equipment ready to launch attacks and explosions.

-2 BKS weapons.

-400 bullets

-75 mines

-B7 launcher

-37 rockets for B7 launcher

- 1 Zagroz weapon(Dushka)

- 14 Explosive belt

- 1 binocular

- 60 mm mortar launcher number (1).


-Kortex shell

- 1Kg of TNT.

- Complete equipment for blasting

-AK4 (3) 



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