YPG withdrew their military advisers from Manbij

The General Command of the People's Protection Units (YPG)announced the withdrawal of their military advisers from Manbij city after they completed  their duties in providing assistance and training to the Manbij Military Council(MMC).


YPG's General Command issued a written statement on Tuesday June 6 and said that a group of their military advisers had given their advice, assistance and training to MMC. The command confirmed the withdrawal of military advisers from Manbij city after they completed the tasks.

The full text of the statement of the YPG's General Command :

"In the framework of our general strategy in (YPG) to combat and pursue terrorism, we received an invitation from MMC to launch a military campaign to liberate Manbij city from the grip of the terrorist organization in the first quarter of 2016. Based on this appeal and within the framework of an understanding with international forces and the regional, including Turkey, our forces in coordination with the International Alliance to respond to the appeal of our people in Manbij and began the liberation campaign on the first of June 2016, where the campaign lasted for more than two months and was crowned with victory and defeat terrorism from the city and large parts of its countryside after our troops provided the best fighters in their war against terrorism, and these sacrifices culminated in a statement of Manbij liberation on 15/8/2016.

At the request of the MMC, a group of military trainers from our forces in Manbij remained as military advisers to assist the Military Council in the field of training, in coordination and consultation with the International Coalition. Their work continued from then until now, and now more than two years later from their ongoing work, and the access of the MMC to self-sufficiency, in the areas of training, the YPG's General Command decided to withdraw their military advisers from Manbij city.

We in YPG assure to  the public and our people in Manbij that our sacrifices there were part of our duty to liberate them from the clutches of terrorism that was a threat to all humanity. And to spread peace and tranquility in the liberated areas. similarly, we affirm that our forces will respond to the appeal to provide support and assistance to our people in Manbij if necessary. "





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