YPG, YPJ: Our struggle is not over yet, the greatest victory awaits us

Leaders of the People's and Women's Protection Units confirmed that they would liberate Afrin in the spirit of the victories achieved by the Syrian Democratic Forces during the speeches they gave at the Qamişlo ceremony.

The celebrations in the northern and eastern cities of Syria on the occasion of the defeat of Daesh mercenaries by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are continuing. A celebration was held at the March 12 Stadium in the city of Qamişlo under the slogan "We made the decision and won."

During the ceremony, leaders of the People's and Women's Protection Units (YPG, YPJ) delivered speeches stressing that the biggest victory would be the liberation of Afrin.

"Our destination is Afrin"

"The fighters of Syrian Democratic Forces have won victory in a free spring similar to senses Newroz holds, as Dahak was defeated, Daesh has also been defeated," said leader of the People's Protection Units Hassan Qamişlo. "With these victories we enter a new stage, but our struggle is not over, because Afrin is still occupied. "In order to end these threats, we must step up the struggle in the spirit of the victories we have achieved. We have defended human values, so the whole world owes these fighters and martyrs."

"We will not celebrate the great victory until we liberate Afrin," he said.

"The fighters of the Women's Protection Units have become a symbol for the world during their war against Daesh brutality, and the fighters will continue their struggle against all the obscurantist forces and we will liberate Afrin," said the leader of the Women's Protection Units Sama Afrin.

The co-chair of Martyrs' Families Council, Hevi Saied blessed the victories achieved by SDF on all the martyrs and peoples of northern and eastern Syria.

After the words were finished, Amara band, Shahba band, and Botan band performed a series of songs in which the fighters danced Dabka in rings.


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