YPG, YPJ renew pledge of resistance on second anniversary of occupation 

On the second anniversary of the Turkish occupation of Afrin, the General Command of the YPG,YPG renewed the pledge of going on resistance and struggle as long as there is occupation, and keeping the people's gains and its revolution.

The General Command of YPG, YPJ issued a statement on the second anniversary of the Turkish occupation of Afrin canton. It read as follows:

 “The Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries have continued to occupy Afrin for two years, which has been completely stripped of rights. They committed illegal acts out of human rights through demographic change.  Their occupation of Afrin has prolonged the occupation state in controlling both Ras al-Ain and Tal Abyad.  It is carrying out criminal acts against our people and the peoples of northeastern Syria without any regard for the values and human rights.

The occupation state by its huge number of forces, tries to prevent the progress that Rojava  and north of Syria witnessed, to justify its occupation. It tries to eliminate the democratic state that is strengthened by our people and based on free and peaceful co-living. This state seeks to make the demographic change day after day to expand its influence. The occupation of both Ras al-Ain and Tal Abyad is an extension of its occupation. It is practicing the most heinous acts in the occupation of Afrin through the policy of the ethnic cleansing and plundering the wealth of Afrin systematically.

That is why Afrin has been facing this abhorrent racist policy, all that is taking place under the nose of the world that has remained as a spectator towards Ras al-Ain and Tal Abyad.  World is still looking at the same position without expressing any opinion about the brutal repressive practices by the Turkish state’s occupation  of Afrin for two years. Unfortunately,  world views it as a legitimate act!

As YPG-YPJ, we have never stood idly by against these hostile forces. As for Afrin, we will continue to fight and resist as long as there is occupation, and we will preserve the values and gains of our people and our revolution.

On this occasion, we recall all the martyrs of the Age and Dignity Resistances, and renew the promise we have taken to them and our people, which is the determination to liberate Afrin, no matter how much sacrifices, and to insist on the return of our people to their holy land, which was invaded by the hateful racist Turkish occupation State.”



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