YPJ disclosed record of martyr Vejîn Zagros

Women's Protection Units(YPJ) General Command disclosed the record of the martyr Vejîn Zagros.  

YPJ issued a statement in which it disclosed the record of the martyr and offered condolences to her families.

The statement noted

" Our comrade was martyred on August 5, 2019 as a result of an accident in the city of Shadadi when she was performing her duties.

The statement pointed to the sensitivity of the stage experienced by the Kurdish people and the need to work in accordance with the requirements of this stage.

The statement pointed out that the fighter Vejîn Zagros, born in the Shih district of Afrin and that she grew up in a national family and joined the ranks of Women's Protection Units at an early age, and had high morale and continued aspiration for the development of military skills, and was loved and respected comrades for humility.

The statement ledged to step up the struggle and achieve the goals of the martyrs.

The martyr's record is

The nom de guerre: Vejîn Zagros

The real name: Xedîce

The mother's name: Meryem

The father's name: Fayiq

The place of birth: Efrîn

The place and date of martyrdom: Shadadi / 05. 08. 2019



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