YPJ disclosed record of martyr Zeryan Judi

The General Command of the Women's Protection Units(YPJ) revealed the record of the martyr Zeryan Judi, a fighter in the YPH of Başûr Kurdistan(South of Kurdistan), who was martyred on July 15 after a traffic accident in the city of Tal Temer. The leadership offered condolences to her family.

The YPJ's  Media Center published a statement in which it revealed the record of the martyr and offered condolences to the martyr's families and pledged to continue the path of martyrs.

The martyr's record according to the statement is:

The nom de guerre: Zeryan Judi

The real Name: Rojana Shouani

The mother's name: Samia

The father's name: Serdar

Place and date of birth: Hewler

The date of accession: 1-10-2018

The place and date of martyrdom: Tal Temer on July 15, 2019



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