YPJ fighters: Our forces established to liberate women

The fighters in the ranks of the Women's Protection Units YPJ, who fought heroically against the crimes of terrorist groups on the behalf of the world, their resistance attracted world's states, YPJ fighter said:" Our units were formed for the liberation of women."

On April 4, 2013, the YPJ Women's Protection Units announced their establishment, and after the first conference was held, its first brigades were formed. It is the “Roken” Martyrs Brigade in Janders district in Afrin canton, while the “Adalat” Brigade was formed in Qamishlo city, and the “Tigris” Brigade was formed in Kobani.

The first martyr was "Slava", who was martyred on May 29, 2013, during a confrontation with mercenary groups aligned with Turkish orders, which launched their attacks on Afrin villages, and focused at the time on the Sherawa district's villages.

On the occasion of the eighth anniversary of the founding of the units, ANHA agency met with its fighters from the Arab and Kurdish components.

YPJ was formed to protect women

Nujan Khabur, who joined the YPJ at the beginning of 2013, said: “We announced the establishment of the Women Protection Units in conjunction with the birth day of leader Ocalan, which is considered the birth of humanity and free life. Our units were established to be a force for the protection of women.”

She added: The leader has made an effort to rebuild the personality of a free and independent woman, and in order to preserve this effort, we must preserve and develop the legacy of women's struggle, and that requires the struggle without relentless.

Added" we will remain faithful to our martyrs Berivan and Slava, who were among the first founders of women's units."

Nujan mentioned that what distinguishes the Women Protection Units YPJ from other forces is that they are composed of all components, such as a mosaic, and have been able to liberate women from slavery, noting that "the enemy primarily targets women for their pioneering role and their struggle in the face of mercenary attacks and the occupation."

At the end of her speech, she said, "Our hopes and aspirations are women's freedom, the application of justice and equality, and the security and peace. Therefore, we will intensify our activities within the military forces and achieve the goals of the martyrs."

'Female fighters fought with all courage against the mercenaries'

With the liberation of many Arab regions and villages, dozens of Arab women joined the ranks of the YPJ to protect their land and people, including the "Aylem Manbij" fighter, who joined at the beginning of 2017.

Aylam Manbij spoke to ANHA agency about the reason for her joining, and she said: “In Manbij we were subjected to injustice, violence and persecution by ISIS/Daesh mercenaries.

Aylam says that YPJ is not only for Kurdish women, but for all components take a place for themselves within them, so young women of all components can join and play their role in it.

Fighter Aylam Manbij has read the leader's books and volumes about women and their freedom a lot, and was affected by them, and says in this regard, that the leader's ideas differ in terms of his influence on the individual's life and his direction towards freedom.

And concluded her speech, calling on women to stand against the attacks of the occupation and to join hands and unite for their freedom.



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