YPJ Spox: Operation Mirkan creates ground fortimely response to genocidal attacks

 On the eighth anniversary of the martyrdom of the guerrilla Arin Mirkan, the spokeswoman for the Women's Units (YPJ), Roxen Muhammad, explained that the Martyr Arîn operation prepared a ground for struggle based on the ideology of women's freedom to resist the current regimes, and considered it a method, women derive their strength and will and their quest to stand up to all attacks.

 Today, October 5, marks the eighth anniversary of the martyrdom of the leader of the Women's Protection Units (YPJ) guerrilla Arin Mirkan (Dlara  Malak), who carried out a guerrilla operation when ISIS mercenaries were trying to take full control of the hill of Mashta Nour in the city of Kobani.  This commando operation killed dozens of mercenaries.

 On this, the spokeswoman for the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ), Roxin Muhammad, drew attention to the history of the Kurdish women’s struggle, which resulted in major developments in the history of Kurdishness, saying: “The Kurds have been subjected to extermination and injustice throughout history, but he continued his struggle and resistance, with the leadership of Kurdish women against  these policies, so Kurdish history was known for its struggle and the resistance and vanguard of Kurdish women.”

 Kurdish history is full of epics of struggle led by Kurdish women with their commanding operations against the injustice and genocide that their people were subjected to. Roxin Muhammad explained that the commando nature of the woman who struggles to protect her land, people and values ​​and to gain her freedom.

 Emitting the sound of the resistance of the women's protection units."

Roxanne Muhammad indicated that in the commando operation of the martyr Arin Mirkan, the voice of the resistance of the Women's Protection Units reached the whole world. On the basis of which, hundreds of international women joined the ranks of the units, saying: "The trust built by the martyr Arin in her operation, has become a hope for every woman who struggles for freedom and a method from which women derive their strength and will. She proved to the world the inability of any force to return women to the slavery.

 Operation Martyr Arin Mirkan has become a source of confidence in the strength and determination of women. When women are organized and confident, no forces will be able to stand in their way, as expressed by the spokeswoman for the Women's Protection Units (YPJ), Roxin Muhammad  .

 YPJ is a moral and humanitarian revolution

 Referring to the impact of the commando operation of the martyr Arin Mirkan on the approach of the resistance of the Women's Protection Units, Roxin said, "It opened the way for us to struggle in order to build a free democratic society.  It became a source of morale and the strengthening of the comradely and leadership spirit in the ranks of the Women's Protection Units . She raised the pace of the units' struggle against the patriarchal systems against the existence of women."

 She added, "The Women's Protection Units is a social, moral and humanitarian revolution in its foundation. On this basis and principle, it has continued its struggle until the present day to build a free and moral political society."

 She explained, "The Women's Protection Units took from the Kobani resistance, especially after the Martyr Arin operation, as an experiment, to strengthen its self-organization in the context of developing its resistance and protecting the identity and existence of its people despite all attacks."

 The spokeswoman for the Women’s Protection Units, Roxin, confirmed that their demands are not limited to the people and women in northern and eastern Syria, “but we call on all women and peoples calling for freedom and those who struggle for freedom and democracy to support and support the Rojava revolution, Women’s Protection Units and the Humanity Revolution, and to continue the march on  the martyrs took a stand, one hand, and a solid will to defeat all forms of occupation and regimes that seek to exterminate women, strip society of morals, distance them from humanity, and eliminate life, and we must stand before them with our resistance, and with our solid will we will respond to them.



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