​​​​​​​YRK declares one of our fighters martyred by Turkish occupation attack in Assos

The Media Center of the Eastern Kurdistan Units announced in a statement that “one of their comrades was martyred as a result of an attack launched by the Turkish occupation state on June 4 in the Assos region.

The Media Center of the Eastern Kurdistan Units published a statement about the air attack carried out by the Turkish occupation on the 3rd and 4th of June on the Assos region.

The statement said: “On June 3 and 4, there was movement of drones in the Assos region, and the statement added: “On June 4, in the countryside of Galala village around 20:00, when our comrades were on their way while performing their duty, the attack took place and the occupying Turkish state launched a bombing with an explosive-laden drone.”

And it emphasized that “as a result of this attack, one of our comrades was martyred, and we will announce the identity of the martyr to our people and to public opinion in the coming days.”

T/ Satt.


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