Yuksel Koç: Resistance must be escalated in spirit of Kobane's

The co-chair of the Conference of Democratic Society in Europe called on all Kurdish peoples and peoples to support the guerrillas"in the spirit of the public alert", as happened during the Kobane's resistance.

The People Defense Forces have been wielding epics and heroic resistance against the Turkish occupation army's attacks on the legitimate defense zones since April 23.

The co-chair of the Conference of Democratic Society in Europe, Yuksel Koç, talked about the Turkish attack on the legitimate defense zones, and said, "The Turkish state does not launch this occupation attack on its own, but backed by the NATO, the United States of America and international powers, "and she noted that the Turkish occupation state aims, from behind this attack, to expand and perpetuate its occupation of the regions of southern Kurdistan, and that all peoples should be well aware of this fact.

He noted that they are about to announce, through a press statement in front of the European Council building, a continuous sit-in activity in the form of shifts, on the 12th of this month, in protest against the attacks of the Turkish occupation. " The silence of the European Council so far about the attack indicates that it granted approval for the Turkish occupation attack. We will meet with representatives of the European Council and the European Parliament about the attacks of the Turkish occupation, and we will demand them to take an urgent and frank position on this attack. "

“A general alert in the spirit of Kobane's resistance”

He referred to the use of chemical weapons by the Turkish occupation against the legitimate defense zones, and called on the people to mobilize, as happened during the Kobane resistance, and said in this regard: “During the Kobane resistance, we saw what the people could do, if they wanted. The influential activities and events at that stage of committing a massacre against the Kurdish people. We will go out to the squares against the genocidal attacks launched by the Turkish occupation, in the same spirit of the general mobilization during the Kobane resistance. "

'The Kurdish people should stand by their sons'

Yuksel Koç called on the Kurdish people and their friends to stand by the guerrillas, and said: “The Kurdish people should stand by their sons, and support their fighters who line the epics of resistance, and the struggle against the occupation must be escalated in the spirit of the general crowd. Our slogan is against the occupation, which is“ Against the occupation of all fields, Ava ” Shin, Zab and Metina, everywhere is a field of resistance.



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