Yusuf: Settlement of Turkmen in Afrin in order to separate Afrin from Syria

The member of Kongra Star Coordination of Afrin, Hadiya Yusuf, referred to Turkey's efforts to remove Afrin from Syria and annexing it to the borders of the Turkish state through the settlement of Turkmen loyal to the Turkish state in the occupied Afrin

One year and several months has passed since the Turkish occupation and its gangs to Afrin canton, and caused unthinkable devastation in all levels in the area.

Resettlement of Turkmen loyal to Turkey in Afrin

In this context, Yusuf continued, “from the demographic change by displacing its indigenous people to this day, as well as the resettlement of families from everywhere in the villages and districts of Afrin, leaders and elements of ISIS mercenaries who were defeated in al- Baghouz campaign, and the settlement of Turkmen families who lived in Turkey in Afrin.

Escalation of repression against the indigenous Afrin population

Recently, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries escalated their practices and violations against the people, "The percentage of abducted civilians, the elderly, men and women, has increased, and they are subjected to murder, physical and psychological torture, the most egregious abuses and tightened surveillance on the people, where mercenaries in all aspects and villages of Afrin break into all houses and confiscate mobile phones.

Turkey's intentions to empty Afrin from its indigenous population

A member of the Kongra Star coordination of, linked to the escalation of the right of the people of Afrin with Turkish intentions to completely empty Afrin from its original inhabitants and the resettlement of pro-Turkish Turkmen in the occupied province in preparation for leaving Afrin and formally annexed to Turkey.

The existential crisis experienced by AKP

Hadiya Yusuf talked about the internal chaos in Turkey's ruling Justice and Development Party, "The Justice and Development Party is going through a big crisis and chaos in terms of resignations in its government and at the same time there is an economic situation, the ruling party is facing a crucial phase linked to its presence at the head of power in Turkey."

Turkey aims to empty al- Shahba from Afrin displaced

In a related context, Yusuf explained the objectives of the repeated Turkish shelling on the villages of Sherawa and al-Shahba canton " the bombardment the villages of Sherawa and al-Shahba aims to evacuate areas of Syria from the original inhabitants to settle the Turkmen in preparation for the formal annexation of these areas to the Turkish state."

Yusuf considered that the main aim of the Turkish bombardment is to evacuate of al-Shahba canton from Afrin displaced, and to complete the construction of the partition wall of Syria between the occupied Afrin and al-Shahba canton. "Turkey wants to weaken the resistance of the people in al-Shahba and Sherawa and by these shells wants to undermine the will of the people.

Duplication of the Syrian regime in dealing with the Turkish occupation

Hadiya Yusuf criticized the double standards adopted by the Syrian regime, "while the Syrian regime denounces the safe area, which stopped a possible Turkish attack, while the regime does not talk about the wall of the division of Syria, which Turkey is building between the canton of Afrin and al-Shahba."

Resistance will continue

In the next stage, Yusuf confirmed that the resistance of the people of Afrin will continue with the continued Turkish occupation of Afrin.



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