Ziad Sheikh Afdal: search, investigation continue about al-Baguz cemetery, no details yet

The head of the Yazidi House Ziad Sheikh Afdal said that the cemetery discovered by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the vicinity of the village of al-Baguz has not been confirmed yet to be Yazidi women's, noting that they are in contact with the Syrian Democratic forces to search for the cemetery in full to access the full details.


Syrian Democratic Forces continue to evacuate civilians from the last pockets controlled by IS mercenaries in the town of al-Baguz. During the sweep, Syrian Democratic Forces found a mass grave on the outskirts of al-Baguz town, media reported that the cemetery contained the bodies of Yazidi women.

The head of the Yazidi house, Ziad Sheikh Afdal, told Hawar news agency that the cemetery, which was found by the Syrian Democratic Forces, contains many bodies and has not yet been fully disclosed to find out whether there are Yezidi women inside or not.

Ziad Sheikh Afdal confirmed that they are in contact with SDF and the Autonomous Administration to uncover the cemetery found by the Syrian Democratic Forces in al-Baguz to reach full details.

It is worth mentioning that during the evacuation operations, the Syrian Democratic Forces liberated more than 40 Yazidi women, 4 youth and 45 children in the past few days, and the liberation operations continue in the last pocket of IS mercenaries.


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