Manbij…entertaining art festival held for students

The Education Committee organized an entertaining festival for the children of the primary school students in al-Farat village in the northwestern countryside of Manbij city under the title “Yasmine al-Salam Festival.”

"For Freedom" film displayed for the first time in Rumilan

The "Commune of Rojava film" displayed in The Town of Ramlan, a film entitled "For Freedom", which embodies the resistance and struggle of a group of Kurdish young men who faced the Turkish occupation army to defend their city.

FSP holds artistic event in al-Shaddadi

Under the slogan "The Jasmine Rose," the Future Syria Party Office in cooperation with the events committee of the educational complex linked to al-Shaddadi  held an artistic event that included an art exhibition and theatrical performance performed by the children of Allawi Al Saleh school with the  participation of artists and students from Al Shaddadi district.

"The Journalist" short movie highlights Kurdish journalists’ struggle in Rojava

In order to shed light on the struggle of Kurdish journalists and the reality of the media in Rojava and the dangers surrounding the warlords in it, a group of young Kurds initiated to produce a short film with simple self-possibilities that simulated this reality, which was shown at a short film festival in Iraq.

Folkloric fashion show in Al-Hasakah city

The Syrian Women's Council continues its activities launched on the occasion of the International Peace Day in the north and east of Syria, where it organized today a folkloric fashion show for all components of Al-Hasakah canton.

Afrin 's children embodied reality of what they lived during war

In coordination with Intellectuals' Union in Afrin, Rumaf Agency organized an event to draw the largest painting, with the participation of 2,000 boys and girls in Serdam camp in Al-Shahba Canton, entitled "Fingerprints of Pain"and " I have the Right to Live".  

An artist holding his brush… Another aspect of resistance

His paintings embody the symbols of northern and eastern Syria to prove to the occupation and to the whole world that even the painter and the intellectual can resist aggression and defend their homeland, stand in line with the people, and fight and establish a fort with paintings and symbols of the homeland.

Circassian component regains culture, heritage

After decades of marginalization, the Circassian component in Manbij seeks to preserve Circassian heritage and culture through cultural activities and events supervised by the Circassian Society and with the direct support of the Civil Administration in Manbij.

Shopdaren Roje center shows photos on resistance

On the fourth day of the Third Book Fair - Herkul, which was launched on the 20th of this month at the Zana Hall in the city of Qamishlo, the Shopdaren Roje (Şopdarên Rojê)  Center showed photographic  photos.