Afrin sculptors: Our sculptures to communicate our suffering to whole world

Afrin sculptors who participated in the exhibition of fine arts in al-Shahba canton said that they embodied in their works the pain of the Syrian people in general, and the Afrinis in particular, and depicted their suffering during their migration from their homes during its occupation.

Agents, social media ... Most dangerous faces of special war against AA regions

Social media is considered one of the most used methods in the special war against peoples, especially in the modern era, when cell phones enter every home, in addition to the issue of recruiting agents that comes in an advanced level in terms of danger, which are means that pave the way to striking society from the inside.

Rojava's Intellectuals' delegation arrives at Southern Kurdistan 

A delegation by representatives of Cultural Unions of Rojava have met representatives of some cultural bodies and associations in Southern Kurdistan, in a bid to find ways for unifying positions and Kurdish cultural address in divisive issues amid fears of Kurdish infighting. 

After 37 years, one lion of Sheran returns home

People in the district of Sheran, to the east of the city of Kobani, have regained one of the two archaeological lions that were transferred by the Syrian government to the city of Raqqa decades ago, after it being inflicted with massive damages after the city was occupied by the ISIS mercenaries.

Years later, Archaeological Museum of Raqqa regains its place, historical identity

During the crisis that erupted in 2011, archaeological sites and museums throughout the Syrian territories were subjected to damage and vandalism, and some of them were looted and vandalized in major violations of the right to the Syrian cultural and heritage heritage, which represents the history of Syria in general.