Golden Crescent Movement's artistic campaign continues on its 3rd day

The Golden Crescent Movement in Afrin canton organized an artistic event in the town of Tel Rifaat in al-Shahba canton, during which it presented national and folkloric songs, in addition to folkloric dances, as part of its weekly art campaign series.

Commemorating Muhammed Sheikho, artist

Under the auspices of the Directorate of the Culture and Art in al-Jazeera canton and  Al Jazeera Artists Union, hundreds of  Qamishlo residents and lovers of the Kurdish artist Mohammed Sheikho, commemorated the 31st anniversary of his departure at the Cultural and Art Center.

​​​​​​​Mohamed Shekho.. icon who carried  tragedy in songs

On the impact of the pain experienced in the prisons and the hell of displacement in his homeland Kurdistan, Mohammed Shekho, who sang the details of his society, and his love for the homeland and freedom, became an icon of the Kurdish art 31 years after his departure in 1948, in the village of Khajuki, southwest of Qamishlo.

Mother tongue from education and teaching to research stage

 Kurdish language has taken great steps since 2012, following strenuous efforts.  The foundations of protecting and teaching the Kurdish language were established. Efforts have evolved to establish research centers and studies for its development and finding language references in Kurdistan four parts and Europe.

​​​​​​​Disability did not stop him from fulfilling dream

  Zahiraddin's dream turned into reality; as he managed to master painting to a great degree and he  even went beyond that to teach this art to the young people. Even though he suffers from a disability in his hand, but his efforts turned the saying "nothing impossible" into reality.