Manbij youth confirm to stand against Turkish violations

A number of administrators in the Youth Movement in Manbij affirmed that the Turkish occupation, through its attacks on the region, seeks to destabilize security and stability and divide peoples by provoking strife, and they stressed that they will stand up to these violations and practices.

Youth march reaches Girkê Legê district

This evening, the walking march of the Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement and the Young Women’s Union arrived at Girkê Legê district, after traveling 80 kilometers, amid a warm reception by the people of the sub-district.

Revolutionary Youths Three-Day March goes on

After passing a 32 km distance from the city of Qamishlo to the Tirbe Spiye District, the Syrian Revolutionary Youths Movement and the Young Women Union continue their foot march towards the district of Cil Axa scheduled to arrive in at evening. 

PYD youth support Guerrilla's resistance in Medya

The youth of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) held a celebration to support the resistance of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) and Free Women Units - Star against the Turkish occupation army in the legitimate defense zones (Medya) in Başûr Kurdistan.

Al-Jazira youth: Meetings with leader must be allowed immediately

A number of the youth of al-Jazira region said that people such as the leader Abdullah Ocalan represent a danger to the authoritarian regimes, and therefore they are always targeted, and they assured that they will continue to follow Ocalan's ideology until the end.