Yazidi Youth: We to break occupation wall

The Yazidi House in Aleppo condemned the practices of the Turkish occupation against the civilians and the construction of the partition wall in Afrin. They called on international and human rights organizations to stop their silence.

AL-Tabqa's Youth pledged to continue struggle

  The youth of al-Tabqa stressed on the last day of their sit-in to continue the struggle and resistance and indicated that this will not be the last sit-in, but will continue until the international conscience awakens and puts an end to the violations of the Turkish occupation.

Rights orgs, CPT must express position on isolation imposed on Ocalan

The Syrian Revolutionary Youth in Aleppo saluted the resistance of the hunger strikers and pointed out that the Turkish state practices increased their insistence on escalating the struggle. They said that human rights organizations and the CPT should not stand still and express their position on the isolation imposed on Ocalan.

Sit-in tent is on its 8th day, the resistance continues

Dozens of members of the Civil Council in the town of Al-Garniya and its villages participated today in the activity of the sit-in tent set up by the Youth Council of al-Tabqa and the Young Women's Union, which entered its eighth day in protest against the occupation of Afrin.

Al-Tabqa youth stress resisting Turkey's attempts to divide Syria

A number of al-Tabqa youth said they rejected the Turkish occupation of the Syrian territories and the violations committed by the occupation in Afrin canton, stressing the continuation of the struggle until Turkey would be expelled from all the territories it occupied.

Al-Tabqa's Youth continue its sit-in

Dozens of young people of al-Tabqa and the Union of Young Women continue their sit-in, in protest against the violations of Turkish occupation in Syrian territory and the construction of the occupation wall in Afrin.

1st marathon started in al-Tabqa

Under the slogan "Peace to Leyla Guven" and under the auspices of the Sports Union the Committee of Youth and Sports in al-Tabqa organized yesterday the first annual championship of the marathon open in al-Tabqa with the participation of a number of athletes in the region.

Youth of Middle East: Leyla Guven's resistance would prevail

The youth of the Middle East, in their second conference held in Kobanî, said that the resistance of Leyla Guven would prevail, and would be a slogan for the freedom of leader Abdullah Ocalan and an example of global women.

"We to spread democratic thought in our countries"

The participants in the second conference of the Middle East youths said that they seek to reach high level of solidarity among the youths of the Middle East to stand up to the policies of capitalist states, and gain experience and thought to rely on them in discussing the humanitarian issues, while they stressed that they will work to disseminate democratic thought among the peoples.

Statement by Youth conference in 4 languages in solidarity with leader Ocalan

The Middle East youth gathered in Kobanî, north of Syria, before the conclusion of the conference which, on its third and final day issued a statement in which they announced their solidarity with leader Abdullah Ocalan and pledged to distribute his ideas on the widest possible scale.

Mid-East youths' 2nd conference initiated in Kobani 

The second conference of the youths of the Middle East was launched under the slogan "With Youth's Pioneer towards a Democratic Middle East" after the upcoming delegations gathered to participate in the conference in the Cultural Center Hall in Kobani north of Syria.