Work on developing health awareness in al-Raqqa

The Committee of Youth and Sports in al-Raqqa opened the second nursing course, which is attended by 27 trainees, after coordination with the Health Committee of the Civil Council.

Physical games gym opened in al-Raqqa

Youth and Sports Committee of al-Raqqa Civil Council opened a gym for the physical and individual games and athletics after 10 years of closing, where the committee allocated 4 hours in a day to train the women who want to register. 

Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement commemorated resistance of age's martyrs

The Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement has commemorated the movement's martyrs who were martyred during their participation in the "Resistance of the Age". During this period, the youth stressed the continuation of the path of the martyrs until the liberation of Afrin from Turkish occupation and reaching a free and democratic society.

Girkê Legê youth denounce attacks on Başûr

The Revolutionary Youth Movement in Girkê Legê district have condemned the Turkish occupation's attacks on Başûr Kurdistan, stressing that the resistance and struggle is the only way to thwart the occupation's policies

Parties' youth confirmed importance of uniting Kurdish rank

The youth of the Kurdish parties stressed the need for young people to struggle strongly in all fields and to increase coordination among all the Kurdish parties in the four parts of Kurdistan to reduce violations and attacks by the Turkish occupation against the Kurdish people.

Yazidi Youth: We to break occupation wall

The Yazidi House in Aleppo condemned the practices of the Turkish occupation against the civilians and the construction of the partition wall in Afrin. They called on international and human rights organizations to stop their silence.

AL-Tabqa's Youth pledged to continue struggle

  The youth of al-Tabqa stressed on the last day of their sit-in to continue the struggle and resistance and indicated that this will not be the last sit-in, but will continue until the international conscience awakens and puts an end to the violations of the Turkish occupation.

Rights orgs, CPT must express position on isolation imposed on Ocalan

The Syrian Revolutionary Youth in Aleppo saluted the resistance of the hunger strikers and pointed out that the Turkish state practices increased their insistence on escalating the struggle. They said that human rights organizations and the CPT should not stand still and express their position on the isolation imposed on Ocalan.