International organizations concerned with human, child rights determine their position on Turkish violations

The Young Women Union called on international organizations and institutions concerned with human and child rights to break their silence, and to define their position on the violations committed by the Turkish occupation against the peoples of the region, starting with the occupation process and ending with inhuman practices such as killings, kidnappings and torture.

Occupation targets youth to reach its goals, we must join hands to thwart its plans

The Co-Chair of the Youth and Sports Body in the Autonomous Administration indicated that the "special war" policy, by which Turkey targets youth is a continuation of the implementation of its ambitions, calling on youth to increase awareness and organization and not to be dragged behind the occupation that is trying to recruit them in its favor.

​​​​​​​We will definitely win ... to support resistance of Haftanin

The administration of the Youth and Sports Committee in Al-Hasakah canton explained that the campaign of "We will definitely win" is to support the resistance of the People Defense Forces in Haftanin, and called on all youth in Rojava regions to continue their activities in order to deter Turkish aggression on Kurdistan.

Aleppo youth commemorate martyr Engin and denounce Turkish attacks

Hundreds of youths from Aleppo condemned the attacks of the Turkish occupation army on the legitimate defense areas and the cities of Başûr, recalling at the same time the martyr Qasim Engin, one of the most prominent moral leaders of the Kurdistan Youth.

PYD youth planted two hundred trees in Qamishlo

The youth of the Democratic Union Party planted two hundred trees in the middle of the main road west of the city of Qamishlo, as part of the second phase of the campaign of life's resistance.