Defense Army Downs Turkish UAV in Karabakh

Defense Army in Karabakh announced that it had shot down Turkish "Bayraktar" UAV, today, Thursday, and confirmed that "the situation is still tense on the front lines."

U.S. official: imposing sanctions on Turkey very likely

A very high ranking official in the U.S. State Department on Thursday said that the likelihood of imposing sanctions on Turkey after it had tested the Russian S 400  missile system are ''very big''.

Britain joins the supporters of Cyprus in the Mediterranean crisis

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson expressed his country's support for Cyprus' position in the Eastern Mediterranean crisis, by consolidating its defense ties by conducting tripartite exercises with Cyprus and France off the coastal town of Limassol.

Putin tells Erdogan of concern about Mid-East fighters in Nagorno-Karabakh

Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed to his Turkish counterpart his concern about "the increasing involvement of fighters from the Middle East in the Nagorno- Karabakh conflict," and touched upon the situation in Idlib and the path to settling the Syrian crisis.