World is at the epicenter of environmental threat and danger

Today, Hurricane Daniel and before it the violent earthquake in Morocco, and it was preceded by the earthquake that struck Turkey, Syria, and Northern Kurdistan, and other frightening environmental transformations, which calls for saying that environmental degradation on a comprehensive global level, in all its forms, manifestations, and forms, is almost at its worst now, or at its worst. At least until further notice.

Cultural event in Italy calls for Leader's physical freedom

A cultural event is being organized today in the Italian city of Milan under the slogan “Time of Hope" to demand the physical freedom of leader Abdullah Ocalan and to protect the rights of the Kurdish people.

At least 296 killed in powerful Morocco earthquake

296 people were killed and 153 others were injured in different regions of Morocco. As a result of a devastating earthquake that struck the country on Friday-Saturday night.

Panorama of the week: Syrian protests may have different results

Observers saw that the popular protests taking place in As-Suwayda and other Syrian regions may have different results than before, and Iran's foreign minister, during a visit to Damascus, followed up on the understandings that Raisi concluded with Assad.