​​​​​​​Biden-Erdogan thorny issues on table

Many sticky issues are expected to be discussed in the meeting that is going to take place in Brussels, of which the S 400 Defence System, Middle East and even Kharabakh, as observers confirm that any alteration to the relation with Turkey is going to be at the expense of Kurds. 

Iraq seizes 4 Katyusha missiles prepared to target Balad Air Base

The Security Media Cell announced on Friday that the intelligence, after accurate information, managed to seize four Katyusha rockets with four platforms hidden in one of the orchards in Diyala Governorate, adjacent to Saladin Governorate, that were ready to target Balad Air Base.

David Phillips: Erdogan supports terrorist groups, violates human rights, must stop attacking Kurds

David Phillips, Director of the Institute for Human Rights at Columbia University said that President Joe Biden should remind Erdogan of his poor human rights record while meeting him in the middle of this month, stressed that the latter supports terrorist groups, and demanded the release of HDP former co-chairs and municipalities' officials in addition to stopping attacks on the Kurdish people.

Sedat Peker puts AKP under pressure

three weeks ago up to date videos are being circulated on Youtube by one of the mafia bosses exiled abroad, Sedat Peker, accusing governmental figures as well as others in the Justice and Development Party of committing offends and corruption cases that caused wide range gossip in Turkey.