UN General Assembly ... Hot disputes, search for deals on sidelines

The 74th session of the UN General Assembly will hold tomorrow in New York with the participation of Heads of State and Government and Ministers from 193 countries. Despite the focus of international officials on climate change, However, it will not be able to ignore the tense political climate in the world following the heated conflicts, especially the escalation in the Gulf region and the Syrian situation.

Western countries support stability in N, E of Syria

European countries are considering the establishment of an international tribunal to prosecute ISIS mercenaries detained in northern and eastern Syria, and stressed their support for stability in the region.

Arab Coalition announces new military op north of Hadida

The Arab Coalition led by Saudi Arabia in Yemen on Friday said that it started to implement "military special operation" north of Hadida to destroy legal military targets of the Houthis, demanding the civilians to distance themselves from the targeted positions. 

At least 20 citizen killed due to car bomb in south Afghanistan

Reuters quoted an official, a truck is filled with bombs belongs to Taliban movement has been blasted, which left more than in the killing 20 persons and injuring 95 persons when blasted near the hospital in south Afghanistan.

Sources: Pentagon prepared plan to respond to Iran

Sources revealed that Pentagon officials received orders to prepare a "partial response" plan against Iran, At a meeting in the White House, on Monday, in response to the targeting of two factories of Saudi Aramco oil company.

Tehran: No meeting between Trump, Rouhani at UN

Tehran said on Monday there would be no meeting between Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and his US counterpart Donald Trump at the United Nations, after the White House said on Sunday there was a possibility of a meeting between the two presidents.

Russia will not soften to Turkey today; air harassment escalates tensions in Gulf

The so-called Astana guarantors are meeting in Ankara today to discuss the situation in Idlib amid Russian-Turkish disagreements. Informed sources have confirmed that Putin will not show any flexibility with the Turkish side, while the Gulf region is in a state of tension and escalation due to the war of drones.

Washington-Tehran’s long conflict… How did it begin, will it settle?

The relationship between Iran and the United States occupies a considerable part of the crises of the Middle East and plays an in-depth role, where in everyone's memory only the tension and disagreement between these two countries exists, and no one remembers the friendship between them, which can return.

Erdogan insists on occupying Syrian territories

The Turkish leader Erdogan revealed his aims to occupy the Syrian territories where he announced that his country will not withdraw from the observation points in Idlib warning the Syrian regime of launching any offensive against the area and he continues to play with the refugees card against the Europe.