US seizes weapons, likely to be directed to Yemen

The US Navy announced that it had seized a large amount of weapons while being smuggled through two small ships off the coast of Somalia, believed to be bound for Yemen yesterday.

​​​​​​​Arab press: Secret calls between Tel Aviv, Moscow about Syria, establishment of new Arab block 

​​​​​​​Reports talked about a secret call that took place between the governments of Tel Aviv and Moscow regarding a humanitarian file related to Syria without disclosing more about its content, and it is considered the second of its kind within a short period of time, while a tripartite Arab bloc has emerged to form a single front, and analysts confirm that this bloc will play an important role in region.

Map of Turkish influence ... endangers Arab states

Arab activists and politicians saw that promoting the map of Turkish influence in 2050 are impossible and illegal dreams and express Erdogan's malicious intentions related to expansion and occupation of Arab lands, stressing that the Turkish threat to Arab countries will inevitably come.

Hewlêr Airport closed, IC searched for missile sources

Hewlêr province, the capital of the Kurdistan region, closed its international airport after a number of missiles fell in its vicinity, while the authorities announced that they had begun investigations about the source of the missiles.