Clashes in downtown Beirut, lawsuit against 28 responsible for port bombing

Confrontations renewed this evening between a number of protesters and riot police elements in downtown Beirut, while lawyers filed a lawsuit before the First Investigative Judge in Beirut against 28 responsible for the disaster of the port bombing, including heads of government and officials.

Death toll from Beirut port explosion rises to 171

Today, Tuesday, the Lebanese Ministry of Health announced that the death toll from the Beirut explosion has risen to 171, while the number of missing ranged from 30 to 40 missing.

US initiative on Libya, the most important of which is the withdrawal of mercenaries

​​​​​​​The United States presented its initiative to solve the Libyan crisis to the Libyan Parliament, as the initiative, which is the first of its kind, included three axes, namely the creation of a demilitarized zone, the redistribution of wealth, and the withdrawal of mercenaries from Libya.

 Lebanese government resigns

Lebanese ministers confirmed this evening, Monday, the resignation of Lebanese Hassan Diab's government.

Diab called Aoun: I will resign!

Sources said that Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab told President Michel Aoun, in a phone call, that he wanted to resign, so the session was moved to the government palace, after it was scheduled to be held in the Republican Palace, in order to announce the resignation from there.