Injuries, arrests in West Bank, opened fire on Gaza fishermen, farmers

On Wednesday dawn, 21 Palestinians were injured during clashes erupted in the West Bank after the Israeli army stormed it to secure the Israeli entry into Nablus city. The army also launched a campaign of arrests in different parts of the West Bank, affecting more than 6 Palestinians. The army also opened fire on farmers and fishermen in Gaza.

Sri Lankan Easter bombings, show Daesh maintains influence

The Washington Post reported that the forces of the Islamic State may no longer control a swath of territory across Iraq and Syria, but the coordinated attacks in Sri Lanka demonstrated that the resilient group can still sow carnage beyond the borders of its former “caliphate.”

Sir Lanka, deaths toll rises to 310

The death toll from Saturday's Easter attacks in Sri Lanka has risen to 310 when many people died of their wounds on Monday night, according to a police spokesman who also announced new arrests.

Turkey opposes US ending exemptions on Iran oil

Turkey said on Monday it would not respect sanctions on oil imports from Iran after US President Donald Trump announced Washington would start ending waivers to Tehran’s oil customers.

A cold Russian-Iranian war in Syria, deal of century after Ramadan

The Syrian file witnessed intensive regional and international moves, as the Russian-Iranian rivalry and conflict intensified due to increased Russian coordination with Israel, while fighting in demilitarized areas increased, as well as events in Algeria, Sudan and Libya continued.

Kosovo returns Daesh's families from Syria

A plane carrying women and children belonging to Kosovo-based mercenaries in Syria returned to Kosovo earlier this morning, Reuters reported.