AA handed over 3 children of  Daesh to Russian Parliament officially

The Autonomous Administration(AA)  in North and East Syria delivered three children of Daesh to the Russian Duma parliament committee in an official meeting at the Office of External Relations of the Administration of the city of Qamishlo during a press conference.

Turkish occupation exploits mercenaries at expense of civilian property

The violations of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries in Afrin canton continue with the theft of civilian property and the kidnapping of others whose fate is still unknown nearly a year since their abduction, as well as imposing taxes on civilians allegedly to secure the salaries of mercenaries.

A group of mercenaries arrested during sweeps in the trenches

The Syrian Democratic Forces arrested a group of mercenaries who were hiding in the trenches of the village of al-Bagouz during the combing operations carried out by the forces to hunt down the cells and their remains.

Daesh has not yet been defeated…It is in Idlib

The author Robert Fisk wrote in an article for The Independent newspaper "The branch of Daesh located in the Syrian city of Idlib and under the auspices of Turkey has not been defeated yet," and confirms that the Daesh left Syrian cities during the past two years under the protection of the Russian military, but it must fight a final battle for Idlib.

1 killed, Arrests in West bank, Israeli army prepares to massive operation

A Palestinian was killed on Sunday morning by Israeli gunfire overnight while the Israeli army arrested 12 more Palestinians in the West Bank, while Israeli sources said the army was preparing for a massive military operation against Gaza after the understandings of the truce failed.

AL-Raqqa notables: Great joy will be to liberate Afrin from Turkish fascism

the notables and Sheikhs of al-Raqqa city have congratulated of the Syrian Democratic Forces SDF on the the victory they described "the victory of good over evil and despotism" which they achieved against Daesh, they said that the great joy would be liberating Afrin from Turkish fascism.

Martyrs' families: Our children's sacrifices were crowned with victory

In conjunction with the announcement of the defeat of IS mercenaries, a number of martyrs' families in the city of Raqqa expressed their pride in the sacrifices made by their children in order to protect the northern and eastern regions of Syria. The martyrs' families confirmed that the sacrifices of their children were crowned with victory.

Gen. Votel congratulates SDF on victory over IS

General Joseph L. Votel, Commander of the U.S. Central Command congratulated the Syrian Democratic Forces for leading the final battle against IS, assuring joint fight till achieving permanent defeat to IS.

Kobani celebrates victory, salutes SDF

Hundreds of residents of the city of Kobani saluted the fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces after victory declaration over IS mercenaries, and danced Dabka while revolutionary songs were played in celebration of the defeat of IS mercenaries.

Elham Ahmed congratulates the Syrian people with IS ending

Elham Ahmad congratulated the Syrian people noting that the Democratic Syria Council believes that the geographical liberation alone is not sufficient to eliminate IS, but the next stage is also very important, in addition to the search of the file of the prisoners whose number exceeded 5,000 and they must be tried by an international court on the land they committed the crimes against its people.

SDF presented commemorative shields

The General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces presented memorial shields to those who supported them and played a role in defeating Daesh.