A human rights organization: UN reports neither objective nor realistic

A human rights organization in Syria uncovered huge numbers of violations practiced against the children in the north and east regions of Syria, showed the parties behind these violations, and considered the UN reports on Syria subjective and unrealistic, noting that the UN are based on reports from Turkey.

US patrol intercepted Russian one, SDF interfered _ UPDATED

An American patrol intercepted a Russian patrol on Girkê Legê-Dêrik road near Kar Qahfak village, which led to traffic interruptions, as the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) interfered and the problem was solved.

Shiraz Hamo: We to escalate our resistance; Liberation of Afrin is our priority

The co-chair of the Executive Council of the Democratic Autonomous Administration DAA of the occupied canton of Afrin, Shiraz Hamo, affirmed that the people of Afrin succeeded during the two years of the Turkish occupation in failing the policies of the Turkish state to impose surrender on the people, by sticking to the project of the democratic nation.