European associations call for indictment of ''Despot Erdogan''

A joint statement was released by seven European associations in which they condemned assassination of the co-chair of the Tal al-Shayer Council, in southern Hasaka, Si'da al-Hirmas and deputy Hind Latif al-Khider, stating '' women in politics and community organising in North East Syria are a walking revolution''.

Al-Hasakah people demand from Kurdish parties to implement the unity

The people of al-Hasakah explained that the new Turkish threats against the city of Derik and Şengal are aimed at occupying the region and changing its demography, and they called on the Kurdish parties to unite their ranks to stop all these threats.

18 Syrian and ISIS deaths in the Syrian Desert

Military operations launched by the Syrian Government Forces and the affiliated groups in the Syrian Desert that left 18 deaths of the Syrian Government Forces and the ISIS mercenaries are still going on. 

Source: al-Amshat mercenaries abduct Kaxra people

A local source told ANHA's that mercenaries of the al-Amshat group affiliated to the Turkish Occupation Forces carried out a widespread campaign of raids and abductions in the village of Kaxra of the Mobata District as a curfew is being imposed.  

Landmine exploded in child causing his death

​​​​​​​The explosion of a landmine left over from ISIS mercenaries resulted in the loss of a child from Afrin's displaced, in al-Shahba canton.

Deir Ezzor Internal Security Forces: regional powers bid to strike security

Ahmed al-Jasem, an administrator in the Deir Ezzor Internal Security Forces, says that regional powers and mercenary groups spare no efforts to strike at security in Deir Ezzor to subvert the democratic nation project confirming that measures have been taken to consolidate security. 

Daraa back to fore ... mirroring ongoing tensions between intervening powers

With the Syrian crisis is about to end its tenth year, Daraa governorate is back to the forefront after the recent build-ups of the Damascus government forces and the Fourth Division loyal to Iran, and Syrian political analyst Ghayath Na'isa confirms that this reflects the ongoing tensions between the intervening forces in the country.

​​​​​​​Yazidi House congratulates memory of Kobane liberation

The Yazidi House in Al-Jazira region blessed the memory of the liberation of Kobane, and said: "The liberation of Kobane in its high meanings is a lesson in writing history that everyone should read, but rather confirmation that the path of salvation begins with determination and resistance, and that Afrin, Serêkaniyê and all occupied areas will return as Kobane returned majestic."