Russian jets raid Syrian Desert

Russian fighter jets continue to carry out aerial raids on areas prevailed by the ISIS mercenary groups in the Syrian Desert trying to secure roads and comb the region.

Shadadi people pay tribute to security forces

People in the Shadadi District paid tribute to the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Security Forces that pursue remainders of the ISIS cells in southern Hasaka, stressing on the necessity of the4 continuation of such operations.

Mutual shelling in "De-Escalation" amid Russian raids

The zone called "De-Escalation" witnessed mutual shelling between the Damascus government forces and Turkish mercenaries, and simultaneously Russian warplanes carried out raids on the area.

′ The barbarism of terrorist organizations could not undermine our will

The Syriac Military Council and the Internal Security Forces - the Sootoro made it clear that the barbarity of the terrorist organizations could not undermine their will, rather it was an impetus for their military forces to challenge, confront and defeat the organization, stressing they represent the unity of the peoples who live in the region, and they were the bridge in liberating the entire NE, Syria from Daesh/ ISIS terrorists.

Ocalan's lawyers visit Turkish Public Prosecution

​​​​​​​Lawyers defending leader Abdullah Ocalan have paid a visit to the Turkish Public Prosecution at the city of Bursa to apply for a visit to their client.