SDC presents 17-item worksheet about future of Syria amid attendees’ approval

The participants in the "National Conference for the People of al-Jazeera and the Euphrates" approved a working paper, which included 17 items and a list of proposals that were previously raised during symposiums and mass meetings that the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) has held in various regions of north and east Syria.

Gire Spi Military Council not warmongers but defiant

Military Council of the Gire Spi/Tal Abyad Canton has indicated that they have foiled the big Turkish ground offensive on the Ain Issa district, and that occupation leads to deportation of the people of the region.  

Martyr’s message ... keystone of real life lies in impressive mountains of Kurdistan

The martyr Senor adored the nature of Kurdistan mountains, so he excelled in describing it and pointed that the essence of real life lies in its magnificent mountains, which made them not only love them theoretically, but rather sacrifice for it in exchange for nothing but the revolutionary's love for his mountains, people and homeland. "

People in Ain Issa condemn Turkish Occupation and Pro mercenaries

On Wednesday, hundreds of people of Ain Issa and countryside took to the streets in a big demonstration condemning latest offensive by the Turkish Occupation Army and the affiliated mercenaries, and the random bombardment on the area, calling on the international community to deter such attacks, while a delegation went to the Russian Base, to hand over a protesting memo.