Eight Pro –Iranian elements killed in Israeli strike 

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the SOHR, has stated that 8  Pro –Iranian and the Lebanese Hezbollah elements were killed in the Israel shelling that targeted southern Damascus and Quneitra.   

Syrian Democratic Forces allow bodies retrieval  

Syrian Democratic Forces, the SDF, brokered by Russian Forces, have given allowance to Turkish Occupation Army and the affiliated mercenaries to retrieve their death's bodies from the village of Mi'alagh in the Ain Issa District. 

Euphrates and Jazira National Congress sets off

Under the auspices of Syria's Democratic Council, the SDC, and with the participation of more than 500 political, independent and tribal figures and intellectuals and representatives of civil society associations, the Euphrates and Jazira National Congress has set off.

Mercenaries abduct elderly Afrinian woman as looting proceeds

An elderly woman from the Baflor village of the Jinderes District, was abducted by mercenaries affiliated to Turkish Occupation Forces, as imposition of fines by mercenaries on locals and robbing of their olive outcomes go on.  

Two deaths and 96 new cases of Covid -19 in NE Syria

Health Body of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syrian has monitored two deaths and 96 other new infection cases in north and east Syria areas, making the death toll surpass 180 , and all confirmed cases 7650.   

Israeli warplanes bomb south of Damascus, Quneitra

Israel launched air strikes on sites of the Damascus government forces, south of the capital Damascus and Quneitra. The Syrian Observatory said that these sites include "pro-Iranian militias."

Yazidi Notable : Yasidis vulnerable to danger

Faris Shamo has indicated that the Yasidi community is open to another genocide, calling on Yasidis and the Yasidi community in Europe to stand up to such a plot and protect the Yasidi community. 

Violent clashes between mercenaries in rural Tal Tamr

Violent clashes took place at mid night yesterday between mercenaries affiliated to Turkish Occupation Forces in the village of al-Rihaniye and that of al-Qasimiye in the Tal Tamr district.