Turkish Occupation Forces shell rural Ain Issa-Updated

It has been reported that the villages of Abu Sira, Misherfe, Hoshan and the grain silo on the  M4 in rural Ain Issa are under shelling by the Turkish Occupation Forces and the affiliated mercenary groups.

Mine explodes in Occupation vehicle in Tal Tamr

It has been reported the ANHA's correspondent in the area that a mine was exploded in a vehicle of the Turkish Occupation Forces in a village in south western of the town.

SDF puts Turkish Defence Ministry to the lie

Syrian Democratic Forces, the SDF, rejected the Turkish allegations that three of it's fighters were martyred as they tried to cross into occupied territories.

February lowest ever rate by COVID-19 in NE Syria

Health Body of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria announced today the deaths of two cases as the lowest ever rate of new cases in February by pandemic in North Eastern Syria.

Efforts for national unity have accelerated

The Secretary-General of the Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria, Nasruddin Ibrahim, and a member of the Women’s Council in NE Syria, Stera Qassim, called for continuing efforts to achieve the unity, and to take advantage of the historic opportunity.

Dialogue Forum on Language Day concluded with a set of decisions

The activities of the Dialogue Forum on the International Mother Language Day, concluded with a series of decisions and recommendations. The participants praised the experience of the Autonomous Administration and the need to support and develop it.

Protection Office hands over 5 new minors to their families

By a written pledge, and in accordance with the agreement between the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the United Nations, the Office of the Child Protection in Armed Conflict has handed 5 minors over to their families in the city of Al-Hasaka.