‘We want to live decent life on our land in our language′

The Education Authority in Afrin region said, “The Kurdish people have been deprived of practicing their language for many years, we want to live a decent life on our land and in our language, without the mother tongue, no human being will be entitled to a right.”

SZK: Kurds survived by virtue of Kurdish

The Kurdish Language Association, the SZK, called on the international community to take rapid action against the bids to taken to obliterate the Kurdish language as well as the Kurdistan people to spare no efforts on the course to protect and develop  their language.

Professor at University of Cape Town calls for supporting education in N., E. Syria

The professor at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, Mahmoud Batel, explained that the countries occupying Kurdistan have deprived the Kurdish people of exercising their cultural rights with the aim of assimilating them and depriving them of their legitimate rights, he called on the international community to support education in northern and eastern Syria.

3 deaths and 4 new cases by COVID-19 in NE Syria

Health Body of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria announced today the deaths of three cases and the registration of four another by the COVID-19 pandemic in North Eastern Syria.

Mother language dialogue forum kicks off in Qamishlo

Under '' Mother Language is A Universal Human Right'', and marking the International Mother Language Day, a dialogue forum is being organized by the Education Body of North Eastern Syria. 

3 citizens killed, including child, 14 wounded in explosion in al-Busayrah town

Hawar news agency's correspondent managed to document the identity of the child who died in the explosion that occurred yesterday, in al-Busayrah town, in the eastern countryside of Deir-ez-Zor, and reported that "14 civilians were wounded, including a child and his mother, and 4 others were critically wounded."

Azab Aboud: Turkey attempts to thwart democratic project in N., E. Syria

The head of the Future Syria Party Council in Manbij, Adab Abboud, considered the ongoing Turkish attacks on the regions of northern and eastern Syria as attempts to thwart the democratic project in the North and East Syria regions, in light of international and Russian silence.

Zarghan notables renew support to SDF

Tribal notables from the Zarghan District of the Hasaka Canton renewed their support to the Syrian Democratic Forces, the SDF, as they stressed the necessity  to stand up to the Turkish Occupation Forces and the affiliated mercenary groups.