Menza: What Turkey does in NE Syria amounts to genocide

The Vice President of the American Commission for International Religious Freedom called on the international community to bear its responsibilities about what is happening in the occupied areas by Turkey, highlighted that its actions amount to "genocide", and stressed that it is time to impose sanctions on it.

Al-Habib: We fear of Turkish-Russian deal at expense of NE Syria

The Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) Hikmat Al-Habib expressed his concern of the Turkish occupation army's withdrawal from some points in Hama that will be a Russian-Turkish deal to pave the way for a new attack on NE Syria.

Foza Yusuf : solution in Amed, not Karabakh

Member of the Joint Presidency Body of the Democratic Union Party, the PYD, Foza Yusuf, has called on the Turkish State to head for a dialogue with the Kurds to put an end to it's internal problems.

The Autonomous Administration appreciates European MPs

Abdul Rahman Salman has stressed that the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria backs the initiative launched by the European Parliament members to form a committee to find facts on crimes committed by Turkey and it's mercenaries in the region.    

Lebanese analyst reveals why Turkey ignites conflict S. Caucasus

The Lebanese writer and political analyst Sarkis Abu Zeid confirmed that Erdogan is expanding his attacks on more than one axis with the aim of expanding his country's influence to have a role in any settlement in the region, and pointed out that Turkey is igniting the conflict in the southern Caucasus to control the wealth there.

Barsoum: Turkish interference obstructs solution in Syria; it seeks to annex parts of   it

Sanhrib Barsoum explained that Turkey, through its interventions in the Middle East, is evading its internal problems, and is trying to convince the Turkish people that its policy is in the interest of the Turkish public, and that the Turkish interventions in Syria hinder any political solution that can happen, and it seeks to annex parts of Syria.

​​​​​​​Per Ornius reveals Sweden's vision, policies towards Syria and AA regions in particular

The special envoy for the Syrian file at the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that his country seeks to support the project in north and east Syria, and deliver aid directly to it. He added that the Swedish government will spare no effort in the international forums to accept the representation of north and east Syria's representatives in the discussions of resolving the Syrian crisis.

Amina Omar SDC symposiums are courageous and transparent

Amina Omar stressed that the sessions were held by Syrian Democratic Council are Characterized as being fearless and transparent effect, participants emphasized the importance of Syrian-Syrian dialogue in addition to development of Autonomous Administration.

FM of Sweden: Our country is indebted to NE Syria sacrifices

The special envoy of the Syrian file in the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Per Ornius, said that his country is indebted to the sacrifices of the NE Syria, while the families of the martyrs expressed to the envoy their sorry that the international community had not moved against the Turkish attack on their areas.