Ahmed As’ad: Only solution for Syrian crisis is Syrian – Syrian dialogue

The member of the organizational office of the Future Syria Party, al-Jazeera branch, Ahmed As’ad said that the Syrian – Syrian dialogue is the only way to solve the Syrian crisis, and he called on all Syrian forces whose hands were not tarnished with Syrian blood to hold a meeting on the dialogue table.

Nasruddin Ibrahim: regime, Turkey meeting is a new step for bargaining at the expense of the Syrian people

A Kurdish leader in northern and eastern Syria affirmed that the solution in Syria will come only through the Syrian-Syrian dialogue and not the opposite: bargaining and dialogue with the occupying parties to the Syrian territories, and described the recent security meeting between the Syrian regime and Turkey as a new step in bargaining at the expense of the Syrian people.

Saleh Haidu: Mazloum Abdi’s initiative is excellent; those who evade it must be enemies

Kurdish writer and researcher Saleh Haidu said that the initiative of General Mazloum Abdi was excellent, and he called on the Kurdish people to stand with this initiative to achieve Kurdish unity, and he said: "Some parties are fabricating temptations and excuses to keep the Kurds away from each other, those who evade the Kurdish unity does not matter who they are more importantly, they should be included in the "enemy" box.

Siham Qiryo: Only solution for crisis is dialogue

The Joint President of the General Council of the  Autonomous Administration in North and East of Syria said: "The only solution to the Syrian crisis lies in the Syrian-Syrian dialogue away from external agendas," calling on Russia to play a greater role in the solution.

Sheikh Faisal al-Ahmed: Turkish aggression came after defeating ISIS, SDF is only choice

Many attempts aimed at making a strife among the components of the Syrian people by some internal parties and the Turkish enemy, but all of which failed because of the awareness statue that the Syrians in the north and east of Syria has got against the ambitions that pose a threat on their existence and target their security.

No way for Syrian solution but through Syrian-Syrian dialogue

The administrator at the organizational office in the Future Syria Party, Aleppo branch, Imad Mussa, said the Syrian crisis is about to finish its 9th year, but the serious signs of the solution are not existed till now. He stressed that the key to the solution is through the Syrian- Syrian dialogue, and sitting all the components of the Syrian people on the same table for dialogue.

Elizabeth Qoriyya: Turkey's invasion of our areas created largest humanitarian crisis for AA

The Deputy Joint Presidency of the Executive Council of Autonomous Administration said that it was through dialogue with the participants in the annual conference for Autonomous Administration that we reached a unified formula and drawn a map to work on it in the future, noting that the biggest humanitarian crisis caused by Turkey and its mercenaries, during its invasion of our regions.

 “Unity ensures better future for Kurds”

Women jurists, intellectuals and politicians in Afrin region called on the Kurdish parties for the unity, stressing that unity ensures better future for the Kurds in all fields.

​​​​​​​The solution to Syrian crisis lies at home, not abroad

The representative of the Future Syria Party in Tel Hamis district emphasized that the solution to the Syrian crisis lies in the Syrian-Syrian dialogue, with the participation of all spectra of the Syrian people, and indicated that solutions formulated outside the Syrian territory will not reach a result, and this was proven in the last stage.

Ahmad Shekho: Turkey wants to restore  Ottoman Empire

The member of the Committee  of the Foreign Relations in the Autonomous Administration in Europe , Ahmad Shekho said: “Turkey is seeking to achieve the ambitions which its ancestors failed to achieve.”