Ahmed Sheikho: Kurdish parties must work hard to serve the Kurdish issue

Member of the Executive Committee of the Democratic Union Party, Ahmed Sheikho, stressed the need for the Kurdish parties to be liberated from the restrictions that surround them by the enemies of the Kurds, stressing the need for those parties not to subject to their partisan and personal interests away from the interests of the Kurdish people.

PYNK-ENKS discussions.. Efforts to succeed and others to thwart

Efforts to reach satisfactory results from the discussions of the Kurdish national unity parties and the Kurdish National Council(ENKS) are still continuing, although the latter hinders efforts to reach results, while politicians stress the need for the council to have a serious position on the Kurdish issue and to act according to what serves the interests of the Kurdish people.

Politicians: ENKS resorting to blame will not be in its interest

The Secretary-General of the Kurdish-Syrian Democratic Left Party and a member of the Kurdish national unity parties, Saleh Kado, noted that the obstacles that the Kurdish National Council (ENKS) puts in Syria are nothing but arguments that obstruct the progress of the talks, stressing that blame is not in the interest of the Kurdish National Council.

Astana meetings in NES politician's perspective

Politicians in NE Syria agreed that the Astana meetings materialize non-solution and sterility, because they do not seek after the Syrians interests and investigate the process of resolving the Syrian crisis.

Kurdish politicians: Relying on Kurdistan dimension is a necessity

Kurdish politicians in north and east Syria, who participated in the Kurdish-Kurdish Disputes Forum, stressed the need for the Kurdish parties to abandon personal and partisan interests, and to rely on the Kurdish dimension, and what serves the Kurdish cause.

Department of Foreign Relations rejects the accusations of the Astana trio

The co-chair of the Foreign Relations Department of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Dania Ramadan, expressed her regret over the statement issued by the Astana Trio, and indicated that the accusations of separation against them bear Turkish imprint.

PYD condemns Hewler attack

Democratic Union Party, the PYD, in a statement condemned the attacks launched against Hewler confirming solidarity with the people in Southern Kurdistan and clarifying that the aim is merely to exterminate the Kurdish people and it's identity making them open to annihilation.