Idlib and Syria dilemma…Did Corona delay deal? Manchitt' policy

​​​​​​​The dilemma of Idlib escalates as the violations rate of the ceasefire and military reinforcements to the region increases, but this is associated with calmness in statements between Russia and Turkey. According to observers, this indicates a deal in progress delayed due to Covid-19.

Rasoul: Project of Autonomous Administration not of one party

According to the writer Melvan Rasoul, the leader, Abdullah Ocalan's message which he sent to the peoples of northeastern Syria have important implications with regard to the unity, solidarity of peoples and the correct approach of the Autonomous Administration.

PYD: Solution in Syria through expel Turkish occupation from occupied areas

The General Council of PYD indicated that the resistance shown by the people of Afrin demonstrated that the truth of defending the revolution lies in adhering to democracy and dignity, noting that there is no real stability and no solution that serves Syria and its people except through the exit of Turkey and those with it from its areas of occupation in the foreground is Afrin.

Qamishlo people: Unless the Kurdish parties unite, we will be massacred again

Qamishlo citizens explained that the separation would expose the Kurdish people again to massacres such as Halabja and the Qamishlo uprising, Afrin, Serêkaniyê, and Tel-Abyed, and stressed the need for the Kurdish political parties not to normalize their relationship with the enemies, especially Turkey.

 Al Jawala notable: Ocalan proposals are ways of solving crises

Sheikh Abdul Rahman al-Rasheed confirmed that the leader, Abdullah Ocalan has a vision and ideas that suits all the peoples of the region. He called on Arab clans and tribes to play a more effective role in resolving the region crises and encounter the external occupation.

Politician: Ocalan's message provides area with power

PYD's Diplomatic Relations Official, Bakr Haj Issa, noted that the message of leader Abdullah Ocalan came at a sensitive time, saying, "The leader's message is providing the project of the region with force," and called on everyone to work to protect the gains of the Kurdish people and the general peoples of the region.

Lebanese Journalist: Erdogan's rule in danger

 Lebanese journalist Mohamed Saeed Al-Raz said Erdogan is in trouble internationally, regionally and domestically. He stressed that he is seeking to implement the new Middle East plan that coincides with his aspiration to create an Ottoman caliphate in 2023, but his rule is in danger.

PDK-S opens Qamishlo eastern office

The Kurdish Democratic Party -Syria opened its office in the eastern part of the city of Qamishlo, indicated its support for  the initiative of the Commander-in-Chief of the SDF and called for unity to face the threats of the Turkish state and the enemies of the Kurdish cause.

Why is Erdogan "desperate" to dominate Libya?

 Libyan specialists estimate that one of the main objectives of The Turkish intervention in Libya is to form a "Brotherhood" alliance in North Africa in order to dominate north Africa.