Catherine Jaber: Turkey's moves are failure; 3 reasons will lead to its exit from Syria

The journalist and political researcher at the Sorbonne French University Catherine Jaber confirmed that Turkey opening several fronts in the region is a failure as it seeks to blackmail the West in other regions to take what it wants in Syria, and pointed out that Turkey's survival in NATO is no longer guaranteed, and Russia is procrastinating with Turkey till achieving its interests, and the journalist put 3 reasons that will lead to the exit of Turkey from Syria.

Mazlum Ebdi: Turkish attack on our regions means wide war stretching from Manbij to Derik

The commander in Chief of SDF, Mazlum Ebdi said that any Turkish attack on the area of Gire Spi will turn the area from Manbij to Derik to a broad fighting front , stressing that they will withdraw all their forces from the areas of al-Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor where they fight Daesh there and the agreement between them and the United State could be affected.

Atti: AA believes that all outstanding issues must be resolved by dialogue

The co-chair of the Autonomous Administration Farid Atti said that the threats of the head of power in the Turkish state Erdogan stems from his fear of the transfer of concepts of democracy from the areas of the administration to the Turkish interior, indicating that they follow the path of dialogue to resolve the issues of the region.

Hamida Yagit: Turkey holds the ball of fire, may witness deep crisis soon

 Middle East affairs expert Hamida Yegit said that Turkey's receipt of the S-400 system, oil exploration operations on average and Turkish threats against north and east of Syria, Turkey has been entered in a critical position that it cannot overcome. "Turkey is carrying the ball of fire and there will be a deep crisis soon," she said.

Yekiti: KRG, Baghdad must internationalize Turkish attacks

A member of the Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria (Yekiti) and a party official in Serekaniya called on the governments of Başûr and Baghdad to internationalize the Turkish attacks on the territory of Başûr.

Ghayath Naisseh: Erdogan's regime hostile to freedom of Syrian people

General Coordinator of the Revolutionary Left Movement in Syria, Dr. Ghayath Naisseh, pointed out that the hostility of the Erdogan state and his regime of freedom-seeking Kurds and their behavior as a superpower put it in a bloody wars and conflicts that threaten to collapse.

Current stage requires mass popular uprising against occupation

A member of the Office of Relations of the Syrian Democratic Council-Aleppo branch Fatima Hasino confirmed that the Turkish practices in the occupied areas from Syria "confirms its endeavor to repeat the model of the Iskenderun area in the region, so the current stage requires a popular uprising against the occupation.

Shahuz Hassan: No solution to Syria without participation of AA in talks

The co-chair of the Democratic Union Party Shahuz Hassan said that without the participation of the representatives of the Autonomous Administration(AA)  in the political process and the consultations of the Constitutional Committee, we cannot talk about the success of these talks

Sekko: Not creating a court to try Daesh is a new plot

Abdul Karim Sekko stressed the need to establish a court to try Daesh in the areas of the Autonomous Administration, considering that if these courts are not been established it would be a new plot against the people of the region.

Syrian Politician: Safe area according to Turkish vision is inapplicable

A member of the Political Authority of the Syrian Democratic Patriotic Alliance Party, Aziz Aboud, said that the "safe area" according to the Turkish vision is an inapplicable, distant dream because of the popular rejection and Turkey's inability to establish it separately from regional countries that reject Turkey's repeated demands.

French researcher: Liberated areas from IS must be recognized by international society

The French writer and researcher of political philosophy Patrice Franshiski explained that the world must go from political to human rights. He said: "The fundamental task of the international community at this stage is the political recognition and then the rights of the Autonomous Administration in the liberated areas form Daesh grip."

TaŞtekin: Turkey is frightened from Kurds in Rojava

Turkey's prominent journalist, Fehim TaŞtekin stressed that Turkey supports Daesh against the Kurds in several areas and said " The model developed by the Kurds in north and east of Syria has been attacked by Turkish state. Turkey is frightened from the situation of the Kurds in Rojava.