"Kurdish national security is a red line for us"

The Spokesman of the Committee on Diplomatic Relations of the Kurdistan National Congress branch of Rojava, Dilawer Zengî that several political parties opened their positions in Rojava except for the Kurdish National Council, stressing that they will not retreat from the work they started by insisting on the success of their project because the Kurdish national security red line for them.

'This victory is victory over all parties supporting Daesh'

The Kurdistan Democratic Peace Party congratulated the victory of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on Daesh. It said, "This victory does not mean victory over Daesh only, but all the parties that supported it, especially Turkey," during statement.

TEV-DEM: We will make every year Newroz against occupation everywhere

The Democratic Society Movement TEV-DEM has congratulated the Kurdish, Kurdistan peoples and world peoples on the day of Newroz. And said " Every year we celebrate the anniversary of freedom and freedom. Stressing "We will make the whole year Newroz against the occupation everywhere, we will make Newroz the basis for the liberation of Afrin from the occupation."

Ahmad Kobani: West should receive their detained IS citizens

Ahmad Habash member of the Inspection Committee in the Kurdistan Democratic Society Congress in Europe said, "the European countries should undertake their grave responsibility within our war against Daesh, not receiving their Daesh detainees at our forces' hands is negligence against the international community that has suffered from this immense danger on the security of all peoples.

Sheikh Baqi: regime is silent on Turkish occupation of Afrin  

Jamal Sheikh Baqi said that the statement of the Minister of Defense of the Syrian regime must be directed to the Turkish occupation in Afrin and said that " there is great occupation in Afrin, but the regime is silent about it and its remarks are targeting the achievements of SDF."

Talal Mohammed: Rojava Revolution reflects true meaning of Syrian revolution

Talal Mohammed explained that the Revolution of Rojava reflects the true meaning of the Syrian revolution, and that the Syrian people paid a heavy price as a result of the conflict between the Syrian regime and the so-called opposition, which followed the orders of foreign, and entered Syria in a dark tunnel, and pointed out that the solution of the Syrian crisis lies in the participation of representatives North and East of Syria in the Syrian negotiations.

Havrin Khalaf: Solving the Syrian crisis lies in the hands of the Syrians

Havrin Khalaf noted, "These days, we are entering the eighth year of the Syrian crisis, which has turned into a crisis and then, into a war against terrorism instead of the basic demands of the Syrian people," she said, pointing out that the solution lies in the Syrian-Syrian dialogue.

Narin Matini criticized some Kurdish parties' absence in KNK meeting

The head of the Kurdistan Future Movement criticized the Kurdish political parties and parties, which have absent from the expanded meeting called by the KNK-Rojava Committee, stressing the need to unite Kurdish parties and political blocs throughout Kurdistan and support the Kurdish military forces in the region and projects that guarantee Kurdish people's rights in the future.

Othman: World states must change their policies to maintain security, stability in area

The official spokesman of SDC Amjad Othman has stressed that the international policy must take into consideration the stability in the area, taking all the measures in order to prevent emergence "terrorist gangs", alluding that IS' large numbers would threat whole the world, and all the parties must take their responsibility.

Bersoum: To resolve Syrian crisis, DAA must be involved in negotiations

"The Global Coalition must support the Democratic Autonomous Administration(DAA) politically to involve it in the constitutional committee to draft a new constitution that is suitable for all the people of Syria," said Senhrib Bersoum, the co-chair of the Syriac Union Party.

Keddo: International society must stand alongside people fought IS

Saleh Keddo has explained that the history will register the victories which were achieved by SDF on IS mercenaries who were threating whole world not only the region and added, "The world should appreciate their sacrifices not deny them, and it is a must to stand alongside with the people who fought against IS in order to reach their legitimate rights."

Watfa: AA, internal opposition have Syrian solution

Ziyad Watfa, the member of the Executive Committee of the National Coordination Body said that the Autonomous Administration (AA) in North and East Syria and the internal opposition that has committed itself to peace and the political solution during the Syrian crisis have the greatest opportunity to meet, discuss and find a solution for the future of Syria.

Al-Qaftan: After defeating IS, we to eliminate its thought with Arab clans

Ibrahim al-Qaftan said that after defeating IS, and as the Syrian Future Party with the Arab clans, they will work to eliminate IS' thought in the area and replace it with the thought of "citizenship and patriotism," confirming that, they will safe Syria from other civil wars.

Mahmoud Othman: fighting extremism is everyone's responsibility

Mahmoud Othman, a prominent Kurdish politician, said that Western countries must take responsibility for restoring and prosecuting IS elements, adding that any failure in this case is a big mistake, stressing the need for everyone to fight extremism in all its forms.       

Muslem: Turkey sees every Kurd as terrorist if opposed it

Saleh Muslem said that the Turkish state was founded on the rubble of the peoples that it exterminated such as Armenians, Syriacs and Romans, but it could not eliminate the Kurds despite the massacres it committed. In the Syrian revolution, it directed its mercenaries towards them and prevented the opposition from recognizing them and it came to occupy their land directly. It suffers from the Kurdish phobia and sees every Kurd as a terrorist if does not stand with it against the Kurdistan Worker