Mohamed Berghel warns against a second Alexandretta

Deputy Co-chair of Syria's Future Party in Manbij Mohamed Berghel said Turkish occupation state calls on the international community for setting up a safe zone in the most secure spot in Syria warning against a second Alexandretta.

 Politicians: Turkey seeks after expansion project at expense of Iraq and Syria

 The heads of the relations offices of the Syrian Kurdish Left Party and the Kurdistan Republican Party in Raqqa confirmed that the Turkish occupation state is seeking a war of extermination in the regions of northern and eastern Syria and Iraq to restore the Ottoman occupation under the pretext of protecting its national security.

Nouri Mahmoud: Just as we did against ISIS, we must protect ourselves and fight and win

Commenting on the attacks of the occupying Turkish state on the regions of NE Syria and its threats to occupy the region again, the spokesman for the People's Protection Units, Nouri Mahmoud, stressed that if the attacks on the region continue, their forces will not stand idly by and will defend the region and its people.

2nd consultative meeting held in Stockholm under auspice SDC

Yesterday, Saturday, the Syrian Democratic Council held a second consultative meeting in the Swedish capital, Stockholm, in preparation for the "Conference of Democratic Forces and Personalities", with the participation of Syrian opposition forces, democratic figures and representatives of the American, British and Swiss foreign affairs.