Omar: We seek to ensure political solution represented by democratic struggle in Syria future

The co-chair of the Public Relation Office of Syrian Democratic Council SDC explained that they are seeking to complete their work to hold the Syrian- Syrian dialogue, while he indicated that they and several Syrian democratic forces and parties formed a committee in order to hold a conference to ensure a political solution and represent the vanguard of the democratic struggle in the future Syria.

​​​​​​​International organization official: Turkey exploits current situation to exterminate Kurds  

The head of the International Body for Documenting Genocide against the Kurdish People, explained that the Turkish occupation exploits the weakness of the ruling regimes of Kurdistan to commit its massacres and violations, noting that it requires military force, a unified policy and economic to confront the Turkish occupation, calling for providing them with documents that highlight violations to submit to international parties.

​​​​​​​Shahin: Turkey violates international agreements, keeps attacking the region

Muhammad Shahin, the Co-chair of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration in the Euphrates region, said that the Turkish occupation state does not abide by international agreements, and continues its attacks on northeast Syria and other countries in the Middle East, against the backdrop of the United Nations calling for a global ceasefire to confront the Corona pandemic.

Badran Çiya Kurd: Results of Astana meeting are to camouflage, cover occupation, annexation projects

Badran Çiya Kurd said that the understandings that came out of Astana are to satisfy Turkey, and its results come in the context of camouflage and coverage of its occupational projects. He emphasized that there are thousands of terrorists in the regions occupied by Turkey, saying, "This terrorism and its supporters must be fought instead of walking behind Turkey", indicating that Turkey is the only obstacle to resolving the Syrian crisis.

Naissa: Astana's statement reveals the hostility of these countries to democratic project in Syria

Syrian political analyst Ghiath Naissa pointed out that the statement of the Astana meeting between Russia, Turkey and Iran demonstrated the hostility of these countries to the democratic project proposed by the autonomous administration and said, "The defeat of the project of autonomous administration will mean breaking the back of the Syrian democratic movement for decades, and throwing our country as a prey between the claws of regional and international powers."