Baki wonders: Why doesn't ENKS invite IDPs in Domîz Camp to return home?

Secretary - General of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party, Jamal Sheikh Baki, has confirmed that the issue of the people of Afrin is not one of returning to their homes, but of an occupied homeland, and the National Council is trying to end this issue in support of Turkey.

Syrian opponent: AANES is the best management model in Syria

The Syrian opponent and coordinator of the Syrian Secular Democratic Rally in As- Suwayda province explained that the AANES model is the best management model in Syria and has made a qualitative leap at all levels.

Bêrîtan Sarya: KDP continues its anti-revolutionary role

​​​​​​​Journalist Bêrîtan Sarya said that the policies of the PDK against revolutionary movements in all parts of Kurdistan had not changed and said that "the PDK considers its existence to be linked to the Turkish state based on sexual and sectarian intolerance."

Does the new Daraa deal success? Political analyst; it's subject to a Russian guarantee

​​​​​​​The people of Daraa are anticipating the success of the new agreement in Daraa al-Balad, while the Syrian journalist and political analyst Malik al-Hafiz believes that the agreement is a copy of the Russian map, and its success can continue if Russia remains a real guarantor of it, and remains in coordination with the Arab parties, primarily Jordan.

Al Shabli calls on Damascus Government to avoid militarization

Member of the Chairmanship Council of the Syrian Democratic Council, Mar'I al-Shabli, hold both the Damascus Government and the so-called opposition responsible for turning the country into the epicentre of fighting, where a proxy war was taking place, and stressed that the crisis could only be resolved by a decentralized system.

Politician: If we achieve a Kurdish unity, it will be harsh blow to Turkey

Member of the Political Office of the Kurdish Leftist Party-Syria, Hussein al-Ali, said that the Turkish state is seeking to occupy more territory in the region until the centenary of the Lausanne Treaty in 2023, stressing the necessity to achieve the unity of Kurdish parties in confronting Turkish occupation ambition.