SDC affirms its solidarity with demonstrations and protests

The Syrian Democratic Council affirmed its full support for the "peaceful popular movement" in various Syrian cities, calling at the same time "not to be drawn into the contradictory traps aimed at by the authorities and their security services on one side, and Turkey and its Brotherhood parts on the other".

Politicians assert that Turkish occupation crimes are clear

Politicians in the Future Syria Party affirmed that the crimes of the Turkish occupation within the occupied territories have become exposed to the public, and that the international forces are complicit with the Turkish occupation state, and they warned the Syrian people in general against the Ottoman project that Turkey seeks to complete.

Yasser Suleiman: There are no real steps for Damascus to get the Syrians out from crisis

The deputy co-chairmanship of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria indicated that the Damascus government continued to adhere to the military option, stressing at the same time that the Autonomous Administration initiative is a road map out of the crisis, and considered it an embodiment of the Jeddah Declaration regarding Syria.

​​​​​​​Firas Qassas: AANES's initiative is very useful, other parties hinder dialogue and solution

Qassas confirmed that the initiative to end the Syrian crisis is very important in a theoretical and intellectual sense, indicating that the Autonomous Administration has done everything to solve the crisis, expressing his pessimism about the position of other parties, saying Will authoritarians, extremists and puppets suddenly turn into advocates of dialogue and freedom?

Politicians comment on Moscow meeting

Politicians in NE Syria confirmed that all attempts, meetings and agreements aimed at normalizing relations between the Damascus government and neighboring countries since the start of the crisis have failed as a result of non-participation of all Syrian component  in those meetings and agreements.

Hesso: Turkey fights on behalf of the ideal model for the future Syria

Akram Hesso explained that the developments taking place in the region and their effects will help more and more in bringing the Autonomous Administration project closer to constitutional legitimacy, especially after the Security Council adopted the discussion of Resolution 2,268 instead of Resolution 2,254, and stressed that Turkey is fighting on behalf of the ideal model for the future Syria.

Çiya Kurd: It's necessary to open border crossings for the entry of aid 

Badran Çiya Kurd stressed, during a meeting with US State Department envoy to the region, Nicholas Granger, the need to open border crossings, including the Tal Koçer crossing, to bring aid to the areas stricken by the earthquake that struck large areas of Syria and left thousands of victims.

AANES  meets delegation from Norwegian Foreign Ministry and Norwegian Red Party

A delegation from the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria discussed with the Norwegian Foreign Ministry the latest developments in North and East Syria. In a related context, the Norwegian Red Party confirmed its support for the Autonomous Administration and its condemnation of the Turkish attacks on the region.