Bashar Jarar: NATO summit is lesson for Erdogan as result of non-thoughtful escalation

​​​​​​​The researcher and political analyzer Bashar Jarar confirmed that the standing of Erdogan on the left side of the president of biggest side in the NATO {Trump} didn't forgive him in front of lot of criticisms against him and he saw the most important lesson that NATO gave to Erdogan is that the Treaty is not trusting him as ally neither partner and that is the result of non-thoughtful escalation which will be so hard. 

Alo, Tel-Raffat massacre: Turkish state takes avenge for ISIS 

The co-chair of Executive Council of Afrin canton has denounced the massacre that the Turkish army and its terrorist mercenaries committed it against the displaced people of Afrin most of them were women and children described it in inhuman and unmoral acts which the Turkish occupation and its terrorist mercenaries practicing it.

AA's chancellor explains reasons of the constitutional committee failure

The chancellor of the Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria Anwar al-Mushrif said that the failure of the meeting of the constitutional committee was expected, because the committee did not express the Syrian people inevitably doomed to failure, and that the project of AA continues to transform Syria from a central state to a pluralistic and decentralized state for all the Syrian people.

Danish foreign minister to SDC delegation: SDF protected the world

The Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod received a delegation of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), which included the Co-chair Riyad Derar and the Executive Body’s Head Ilham Ahmed, in addition to the representative of North and East Syria in Denmark to discuss the Syrian general affairs, especially the situations in northeastern Syria and the recent Turkish invasion.

Mullah Nawaf: Kurdish parties must speed up holding national conference to protect the people from genocide

A member of the Union of Intellectuals in Amouda branch, Bashir Mulla Nawaf, praised the initiative of Kurdish intellectuals and artists in Europe to unite the Kurdish ranks, and called on the Kurdish political parties to put aside personal and party interests and accelerate the convening of the Kurdistan national conference to unite the Kurdish people and protect them from genocide and displacement.

AA: Russian role must be more efficiency, our position on dialogue is consistent 

The External Relations Department of the Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria indicated that the Turkish state did not abide by all the attempts and measures agreed upon, in particular the ceasefire declaration, noting the role of the Russian guarantor needs to be more effective, and that it is better to have a fact-finding. Turkey is doing it all over the Syrian territories, stressing that their position on dialogue is consistent.

Kurdish politicians: We must be united to protect Kurdish rank

Representatives of the Kurdish parties in Aleppo said that Turkey is seeking to eliminate the Kurdish people, and called for the unification of the Kurdish ranks to stop the attacks of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries, stressing the necessity to hold the Kurdistan National Conference at this sensitive stage.