​​​​​​​Aisha Hesso: Turkification policy prolongs Syrian crisis

The Co-chair of the Democratic Union Party, Aisha Hesso, said that the Turkish policy of Turkish occupation prolongs the duration of the Syrian crisis, stressing the need for the real representatives of the people to be included in the dialogue table to find a solution that satisfies all parties. She also expected an explosion in the intertwined Idlib file, which Turkey uses to move it to divert attention about its internal problems.

Leader's wishes come true, his ideology disseminated all over the world

Zulal Çakar has stressed that the international community's rallying around the leader Abdullah Ocalan, saying" the dissemination of Ocalan ideology contributed to thwarting the international plot, adding " the escalation and activities must be expanded in order to see the leader among us soon."

Italian journalist: democratic confederalism real solution to all crises

Italian journalist Benedetta Argentieri noted that popular stances differ from state's in the case of leader Abdullah Ocalan as she called for his release confirming that Ocalan's ideas go beyond nation state and are very welcome by mass numbers of Europeans. 

PYD: Conspiring forces fear from Ocalan ideology

The Democratic Union Party PYD said that the plot to kidnap the leader Abdullah Ocalan, the decision of the hegemonic forces to separate the head from the Kurdish body, confirming that this failed, and the party pointed out that “the head has not been separated from the body and the Kurdish people are still working as an engine and avant-garde for the path of democracy in the region and the world with its resistance and organizations ".

PYD: Calls to confront Turkish attacks on Gare area, which aims to eradicate the Kurdish people

Democratic Union Party PYD condemned the Turkish attacks on Gare area, and called on the Kurdish people to join hands and escalate the pace of resistance against all forms of Turkish attacks and assaults, stressing that "the aim of them is to eradicate the Kurdish people, eradication their existence from their historical land and eliminate them, based on the Ottoman fascist mentality."

KNK-ROJAVA: Kurds should rally around Freedom Fighters

The Kurdistan National Congress - Rojava (KNK) called on the Kurdish people to rally around the freedom fighters, and stressed that the deterrent to the Turkish attacks is the holding of a comprehensive Kurdish national conference.