Popular positions force Turkish occupation to reconsider its calculations

The Turkish occupation's threats to launch attacks on northeastern Syria, and the most recent ones to attack Derik in Rojava and Şengal in Başur Kurdistan (North of Iraq Kurds majority populated regions) have not stopped. Pervin Yousef said that “The popular positions failed the plot after uncovering it,” but at the same time she confirmed that the threats never stop against the area, so it is imperative to close the rows.

​​​​​​​Raul Zibechi: I am very interested in seeing Ocalan

Raul Zibechi believes that Ocalan's thought is the son of his long and unjust confinement, but he is also the son of the life and history of his people, saying: ''his figure will be ever greater among the Kurds and among the peoples of the world, because a person who faces prison and isolation with integrity, and also makes very important contributions to critical thinking, cannot but be increasingly recognized. in the world''. 

​​​​​​​Muslim: Kurdish unity can be achieved if we unite in defining Kurds' strategic enemy 

The Member of the Joint Presidency of the Democratic Union Party, Saleh Muslim, confirmed that the recent escalation of the Syrian government against the Autonomous Administration is in coordination with Turkey in their attempt to undermine the Administration through external attacks and internal confusion. On the Kurdish unity talks, he said: "Kurdish unity can be achieved if we unite in defining the strategic enemy of Kurds."

Sheikho: Turkey and Damascus aim to pit street against Autonomous Administration

The co-chair of the Executive Council for Democratic Civil Administration in the city of Manbij and its countryside, Muhammad Khair Sheikho, confirmed that several parties are trying to destabilize the security and stability that the regions of northern and eastern Syria enjoy, but the Autonomous Administration continues to keep pace with the wheel of development.

Ahmi: KDP should take Kurds' side not occupation state

Luqman Ahmi said that the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) must stand beside the Kurdish people, and the Peshmerga must be on the People's Defense Forces and the People and Women Protection Units' (YPG, YPJ) side, not alongside the Turkish occupation state.

Abdo:  All Syrian people are excluded, not just AA from drafting Syrian constitution

The member of the Presidential Body in SDC, Khalil Abdo has stressed that ongoing political process in Geneva is far from representing the Syrian people and serving them according to the interests of foreign agendas, trying to gain time before the Damascus government until elections are held is the reason for the failure of the work of the Constitutional Committee.