​​​​​​​Syrian government obstructs internal dialogues

Politician Akram Heiso explained that the Syrian government continues to obstruct internal tracks and dialogues in order to continue its authoritarian and security approach, noting that the Kurds' participation in any political process does not mean the fragmentation of the Syrian territories.

​​​​​​​3rd axis of SDC symposium ends with talking about AA

The Politician Akram Hesso explained that the Autonomous Administration is an ambitious revolutionary project to build a new Syria for all Syrians, and that it is institutional capable of leading the popular movement in northern and eastern Syria and even throughout Syria, and he pointed to many organizational, political and military difficulties and challenges facing this experience.

FSP needs to take several steps in Al-Raqqa to spread concept of democracy

The Co-chair of the Al-Raqqa Canton Council of the Future Syria Party, Abdullah Al-Shibli, indicated that the party’s task in spreading the concept of democracy in Al-Raqqa is not easy but not impossible, stressing that there is a constructive complementarity between the party and the Autonomous Administration that has been able to prove its success, especially in the city of Al-Raqqa.

Bakr Hajj Issa: Kurdish parties in south Kurdistan must unite before the Turkish invasion

Bakr Haj Issa, the official of the diplomatic relations office of the Democratic Union Party in the Euphrates region, said, "When the Turkish occupation faces failure to solve internal crises, it resorts to exporting these crises abroad," stressing the need for Kurdish parties in the south to unite Kurdistan with the Kurdish liberation movement to prevent the annihilation of the Kurdish people.

Sheikho: Turkey tries to undermine revolutions by forming network of client

The co-chair of the Democratic Union Party Council in the Euphrates region, Ahmed Sheikho, said that the Turkish policy aims to demolish the anti-revolutions from within, and that this policy is long-standing, which it seeks by working to form a network of agents in the north and east regions Syria.

Al-Mashi: ISIS file needs international movement and allow AANES to take new measures

The Co-chair of the Social Affairs and Labor Authority in the Autonomous Administration called on the world to take action to end the file of ISIS prisoners in prisons and camps, considering the international contribution as a minimum that would enable the Autonomous Administration to take new measures, especially the separation between foreigners and Syrians in Al-Hol camp in order for it to rehabilitate the displaced Syrians in preparation for their integration Into society again.