​​​​​​​Zelal Cîger: Turkey aims to destroy the victory in Kobani by launching arrests campaign

​​​​​​​Zelal Cîger has explained that AKP aims to eradicate the Kurdish people, so it launched arrests campaign in Bakur Kurdistan under the title (I will destroy the victory that was achieved in Kobani), demanding form Democratic Party to explain the reasons for digging trenches along the border strip between Rojava and Başur Kurdistan, from Semalka to Şengal.

Politicians: Arrests prove dictatorial regime in Turkey, its support for mercenaries

Kurdish politicians indicated that Turkey's violations against Kurdish politicians proves its dictatorial regime, noting that the arrest of demonstrations participants of support for Kobane, once again indicates the relationship and support of the Turkish government to mercenaries, calling on the international community to break the barrier of their silence.

al-Muallem's statements before the General Assembly are baseless

The External Relations Department said that the Autonomous Administration project is a national project and does not affect the unity of Syria socially or geographically, and noted that Walid al-Muallem's statements before the United Nations General Assembly are baseless.

Abbas: KDP moves threaten efforts for Kurdish unity

Muhammad Abbas called on the Kurdistan Democratic Party to explain the reasons for bringing in its forces on the border strip and asked: "Are you directing your weapons at us, or is there a danger threatening the Kurdistan Democratic Party, is there a threat to the Kurdish presence?" He stressed that this step threatens the efforts of the Kurdish unity.

​​​​​​​Kurdish-Arab compatibility preserves homeland

Sheikh Mithqal al-Rajab explained that the Kurdish-Arab compatibility and the rest of the components, they were able to defeat ISIS mercenaries. He emphasized that the consensus of the Kurds and Arabs preserves homeland against any occupier.

Turkey wants to turn occupied territories into new Iskenderun

The Co-Chair of the Executive Council in the city of Manbij and its countryside, Mohamed Khair Sheikho, affirmed that the Turkish state is pursuing the Turkification policy and forcing civilians in the occupied areas to deal in the Turkish currency in order to impose its hegemony on the region, occupy it and change its demographics.

Mulla Omar: We must not point arms at brothers

Najmuddin Mulla Omar explained: "We must not make mistakes and achieve the goals of our enemies, and direct weapons at our brothers. We must resist and martyrdom for the sake of the freedom and approach of the Kurdish people, and to realize their hopes for freedom."

Al-Mehbash: Child protection offices comes in agreement UN

The Co-chair of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria revealed the establishment of child rights offices in the Autonomous Administration regions, explaining their functions and mechanism of work, within the framework of the agreement concluded between the Autonomous Administration and the Syrian Democratic Forces on the one hand and the United Nations on the other hand.

Bekdash: We have agreed upon the supreme authority, six articles on future Kurdish policy

A member of the discussion committee within the delegation of the Kurdish national unity parties, Sama Bekdash, explained to the agreement of the delegations of the Kurdish National Unity Parties (PYNK) and the Kurdish National Council (ENKS) that the topic of the Kurdish reference was completed and called it the supreme Kurdish reference, and the agreement on six articles on future Kurdish politics.