PYD: bombings, assassinations aim to strike national cohesion by ISIS and its supporters

The Democratic Union Party (PYD) said that the aim of the terrorist bombings and assassinations is to create confusion and chaos among the people of northern and eastern Syria and to strike the national fabric by the terrorist organization Daesh, which receives orders from the supporter of terrorism Turkey, which aims to eliminate peace and coexistence and brotherhood of peoples.

On the 34th days ... Intense artillery and rocket shelling on the villages of Tal Tamr

Yesterday, a number of villages of Tal Tal Tamr were subjected to intense artillery and rocket shelling by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries. While SDF responded to all the attacks and thwarted them, as residents of Al-Darbasiyah villages received the Turkish-Russian joint patrol by stoning them with stones and shoes.

SDF revealed outcome of 32nd day of Resistance of Dignity

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) mentioned that drones affiliated with the Turkish occupation army had bombarded several places in NE Syria, and referred to attempts of the occupation army and the mercenaries to occupy more areas.

Turkey shelling on Heisha town overcrowded with refugees

Turkish occupation drones bombard the town of al-Heisha, south-west of Ain Issa, in conjunction with hovering warplanes over the sky of the city, the shelling caused civilian casualties in the town, which is home to thousands of displaced people in the occupied canton of Tal Abyad.