KNK warns of infighting and calls for dialogue

Kurdistan National Congress, the KNK, warned that any infighting between the Kurdish parties would lead to a catastrophe that may destroy gains achieved by the Kurdish people, and called on the parties concerned to be responsible and set on dialogue.

Hesso Ibrahim: KDP seeks to prevent the Yazidis from protecting their rights

Deputy co -presidency of Autonomous Administration Council in Şengal, Hesso Ibrahim expressed his rejection to the agreement that signed between Iraqi Government, and the Government of Southern Kurdistan on Şengal, stressing their insistence on the struggle against the forces that seek to leave them alone in the confrontation of treason.

KNK's co-chair: We are ready to mediate among Kurdish forces

The Co-chair of the Kurdistan National Congress, Ahmed Karamosh, warned the Kurdistan Democratic Party ( KDP) that any Kurdish infighting that eliminates the Kurdish gains and he voiced the  KNK’s readiness to mediate between the KDP and the Kurdistan Freedom Movement.

Mûrat Karayilan: Any conflict between two Kurdish parties will not serve either of them

A member of the Leadership Body of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), Mûrat Karayilan has confirmed that the relations that the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) have with the Turkish state and the intelligence cooperation between them do not serve the interests of the Kurdish people, nor do they serve the interests of the party itself.

Yazidis ... Agreement represents new plot against Şengal

The Yazidis of Al-Darbasiyah district described the agreement held between Kurdistan Region Government (KRG) and Bagdad as a new "plot" against Şengal, noting that the Yazidi people determine their fate themselves.

Yazidis: Bagdad-Hewler agreement on Şingal comes under dictates of Turkey

The Yezidis in North and East Syria made clear that Hewler-Bagdad agreement regarding the fate of Şingal is rejected altogether and in detail, as it did not take the opinion of its people into consideration. They noted that the agreement was made under the Turkish dictates par excellence demanded that the KRG not to be dragged behind Turkey's policies.