KHRAG Head: Everyone should pressure Turkey for Ocalan's freedom

The Head of the Kurdish Working Group for Human Rights in South Africa (KHRAG) said that they will struggle for the leader Abdullah Ocalan as they previously struggled for their freedom and the freedom of Nelson Mandela. He added: "Mr. Ocalan's situation is more dangerous than Mandela's, and everyone should act and put pressure on Turkey to secure his release."

KCK offer condeolences to Shahin Cilo and Evin Koy

Co-chairmanship of the Kurdistan Communities Union, the KCK, offered condolences to Commander In Chief of SDF and to Evin Koy on the occasion of the deaths of their mothers.

PUK calls on KRG, Baghdad to fulfill obligations

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) bloc in the Iraqi parliament called on the government of Başûr Kurdistan, (north of Iraq inhabited by the Kurds) to hand over the agreed quantities of oil to the federal government to solve the problem of the unpaid salaries, and also called on the federal government to fulfill its obligations.

HPG: 1,005 occupation's soldiers eliminated during 2020

The General Command of the People's Defense Center revealed the outcome of the operations carried out by Guerrilla during 2020, and indicated that it had eliminated 1,005 Turkish soldiers, including nine high-ranking military officers.

Turkey sending mercenaries to Haftanin.. attempts to stir up discord and sectarian strife

The information received about Turkish plans to send Syrian mercenaries to Başûr (southern Kurdistan) raises fears that Turkey is seeking to stir up sectarian and ethnic strife and seditions in the region, and observers indicate to Turkish plans to build a state for mercenaries and their families on the northern border strip of Iraq and Syria.

South Africa ... Campaigns demanding the freedom of leader Abdullah Ocalan

The Kurdish Action Group in South Africa (KHRAG) and the Federation of Trade Unions in South Africa (COSATU) launched a campaign entitled “Freedom for Leader Abdullah Ocalan for Equal Peace in Turkey,” and called on the United Nations to take immediate action to release Ocalan.

KDP drives wedge in Kurdistan

The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) has driven into wedge in the Kurdish body, as the residents of Mexmûr‎ camp, which has been under siege for more than a year and half by the KDP. They IDPs are not surprised of new attacks on the camp, calling on the people and all political and cultural forces, academics and Kurdish intellectuals to confront it.