Guerrilla fighters kill 11 Turkish soldiers

In the context of the "Revolutionary Victory Campaign" in Ila Serhed, the HPG carried out operations in Abakh and Bazid, killing 11 soldiers of the Turkish occupation army.

4 Turkish soldiers killed in Bedlîs

The HPG carried out a special operation targeting the soldiers of the Turkish occupation army who were combing the area of Bedlîs, killing at least four soldiers of the Turkish occupation army.

Turkish jets bomb Shiran Valley

The Turkish occupation army has bombed Shiran Valley in Amediya city in Başûr (Southern Kurdistan).

Turkish plane shot down in Bashan area

HPG and YJA-Star shot down a helicopter belonging to the Turkish occupation in the Bashan district of Ider northern Kurdistan.

3 soldiers of Turkish occupation killed in Guerrilla operations

The People's Defense Forces (HPG) reported that their forces carried out operations in Pîran district of the city of Amed and Çelê district in the city of Colemêrg in Bakur (northern Kurdistan) and arrested 3 Turkish soldiers. The troops also said that two fighters were martyred in aerial bombardment of the Zap area.

Guerrilla forces conduct military op against Turkish army

The Media Center of the People's Defense Forces said that the fighters of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) and Free Women's Units-STAR (YPJ-STAR) have carried out an operation against Turkish soldiers in Judy area leaving a number of them killed.

Yezidis demand to try Daesh

The Autonomous Administration Council in Şengal called for the transfer of all Daesh's detainees to a competent international tribunal for crimes against humanity.

Army officers vote instead of people in Bismilê

The officer of Koperî village outpost in Bismilê district in Amedê forced the residents to vote openly in the local elections. The officer threatened the people to vote for one party or he would vote on their behalf.