New restrictions imposed by Turkey on Imrali prison

Turkish authorities have banned the families of Imrali's prisoners from visiting their relatives for three months, while lawyers have reviewed the Supreme Court to challenge the decision.

Guerrilla fighters target a Turkish combat helicopter in Khakurk

The People’s Protection Units (HPG) said in a statement today (5 September), that Guerrilla fighters targeted a combat helicopter belonging to the Turkish occupation army in the region of "Khakurk" in the areas of legitimate defense (Medya), and managed to hit and disable it.

Resistance continues in Mardin in response to seizure of municipalities

Resistance against the Turkish fascist occupation, with the participation of parliamentarians, mayors, the Peoples' Democratic Party, and the people of Mardin continues on the 14th day, while the parliamentarian Mehmet Rutush confirmed that the seizure of municipalities is illegal.

EU describes seizure of municipalities in Bakur as repressive

The European Union has expressed its deep concern over the "repressive measures" taken by the Turkish authorities against the mayors elected by the people in Bakur (north Kurdistan) under the pretext of combating terrorism, and believes that the actions behind "political motives".

Turkish state kidnaps 2 young people in Hewler

The Turkish occupation army kidnapped two young men in Hewler province under the authority of the Kurdistan Democratic Party - Iraq in Başûr (southern Kurdistan).