Areas shelled by Turkish Occupation Forces revealed

Peoples' Defence Forces, the HPG, stated : a number of areas and villages in the Medya Defence Zones were shelled by the warplanes of the Turkish Occupation Forces in the last week.

Ocalan meeting application rejected

The application made by lawyers of the leader Abdullah Ocalan to pay him a visit at the Imrali Island Prison is being rejected by the Turkish Public Prosecution.

Falak Naz Oca: War on HDP is war against Kurds, democratic nation system

The Parliamentarian for HDP, Falak Naz Oca, described the war launched by the Turkish state against their party as a war that comes within the framework of an all-out war with an international decision against the democratic nation system, the Kurds, and the thought of the leader Abdullah Ocalan.

Biradost under Turkish shelling-Updated  

Emerging information signify that warplanes of the Turkish Occupation Forces are shelling right now the Biradost Region in Southern Kurdistan.

Shaaban: We are confident world's free people solidarity can free Ocalan

The Secretary-General of the Egyptian Socialist Party, Ahmed Bahaa El-Din Shaaban and a member of the "Arab Initiative for Ocalan's Freedom", said that the steadfastness of the Kurdish people and the solidarity of the free people of the world is sufficient to liberate Ocalan.

Turkish fighter jets shell Mount Metina

Emerging information from the area signify that fighter jets of the Turkish Occupation Forces shell Mount Metina of the Medya Defence Zones in Southern Kurdistan.

Religious scholars are also arrested in Turkey

The Turkish authorities arrested the cleric, Izzedin Agha, during a house raid in the Turkish city of Mersin, while the Turkish police threatened his family and said, "We will kill you."

Murad Karayilan: Erdogan's bet on Gara failed

Murad Karayilan indicated that they owe to the martyrs who have achieved the great victory in Gara region, alluding the purpose of these attacks is to prolong the flabby regime in Turkey, stressing that they are fully ready to receive any international party to disclose the truth the killing of prisoners.

'Erdogan covers up disappointment in Gara with revenge on HDP'

Kovan Kanu explained that Erdogan is trying to cover up his disappointment in Gara by taking revenge on the Democratic Peoples’ Party (HDP), and said, "After his defeat in Garê, he began arresting representatives of the Kurdish parties and the HDP in Norhtern Kurdistan."