HPG: inspired by APO we will stand to every species of attacks

Commanding Body of the Peoples' Defence Forces, the HPG, stated : ''we will stand up to every species of attacks carried out against our forces and people, inspired by the sacrificing spirit of leader APO '', stressing '' victory is inevitable''.

Hewlêr Attack ... Who is beneficiary?

The authorities of Başûr Kurdistan and Baghdad and the international coalition forces are still unable to determine who was responsible for the Hewlêr attack, although the accusation was directed at groups loyal to Iran, but the professor in Political Science and International Relations Raed Al-Masry believes that the biggest beneficiary is Turkey, and he attributed that to the latter's desire to take revenge and deliver messages

Journalist Nihad Kaya: They did not achieve their goals in Gare

Journalist Nihad Kaya said that the problem of the captured soldiers was troubling the Justice and Development Party, and it ended this problem on its own. He pointed out that the Justice and Development Party was planning to bring prisoners and exploit the event in the electoral campaign, but it failed to do so, and the scales were reversed.

Specialist: Ankara seeks to undermine Kurds by intensifying attacks

Dr. Muhammad Nur al-Din, Specialist in Turkish affairs said that the Turkish goal of its attacks on Mount Garê in Başûr Kurdistan is to establish a deep security belt in the Iraqi lands, and undermine the Kurdish situation under constant pressure.

NPG: Gara victory ushers fascist regime end

Peoples' Defence Center, the NPG, has state that as the Zap 2008 Defeat commenced the end of the army trusteeship, the February 2021 Defeat would usher the end of the fascist regime''.