HPG: chemical weapons used in Gara Prisoners Camp

Peoples' Defence Forces clarified that chemical weapons were used by the Turkish State in the Siyane Camp in the latest onslaught on Mount Gara, adding '' due to outlawed chemical weapons usage, the area is inaccessible''.  

Arab initiative for  Ocalan's freedom praised by lawyers 

''the Arab initiative for the freedom of Abdullah Ocalan'', was launched by a group of Egyptian and Arab intellectuals in Cairo, that was highly appreciated by the legal office advocating leader Ocalan stating : it is vital on the course of Mr. Ocalan freedom, and a noble step for coexistence.

Turkish Army unleashed gas on Gara Prison Camp

Emerging information from the region signify that Turkish Occupation Forces unleashed chemicals weapons on the prisoners of war camp in Siyane on Mount Gara.

Condemnation of the attack on Hewler Airport

​​​​​​​United States Secretary of State Anthony Blinken expressed his country's anger at the missile attack on Hewler Airport. The United Nations representative in Iraq condemned the attacks and called for protecting Iraq from external rivalries.

Turkish Occupation shell Mount Gara

Emerging information from the area signify that fighter jets of the Turkish Occupation Army are shelling right now the Gara Mountains in Southern Kurdistan.

Attorney Khadija Ibrahim: Turkish state killed captured soldiers in Garê, it must be tried

The co-chair of the Lawyers Union in Jazira region Khadija Ibrahim said that killing of the captured Turkish soldiers in Garê by the Turkish state was deliberate, and added: “The laws of Rome, as well as human rights laws and the laws of Geneva consider prisoners of war as civilians, so the attack of the Turkish state is a massacre of civilians; therefore, the Turkish state must be held accountable before international courts for killing 13 people.

Izidkhani: Turkey leads new genocide against Yazidis

A Yazidi politician said that Turkey tries to export its economic crisis and internal problems, through a military operation on Şengal, stressing that it “seeks to lead a new genocidal against the Yazidis,” he warned of “a humanitarian catastrophe and a new genocide against the Yazidis, if Turkey goes in Şengal.”  

HPG: Turkish attack was to kill prisoners    

Peoples' Defence Center has stated that the Turkish State carried out aerial raids and  ground offensive with the aim to kill the prisoners, adding '' the attack on the camp was not for the liberation rather merely to kill prisoners''.