Rebak Org member: We came from Başûr to support Resistance of Dignity

Wejdan Noureddine called on all women to rise up in the face of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, and demanded to prosecute those who targeted Hevrin Khalaf, who was considered a symbol of the unity of the components and peoples of northern and eastern Syria.

Syrian Women Council commemorated International Day of Solidarity with Kobanê

The Syrian Women Council recalled the International Day of Solidarity with the Resistance of Kobanê, condemning at the same time the Turkish army's attacks on the north and east of Syria, and calling on all actors to resolve the Syrian crisis to shoulder their responsibilities in order to stop the suffering of the Syrian people and liberate their lands from the Turkish occupation.

Turkey women: AK's party is responsible of violence against women

Hundreds of women in a demonstration in Istanbul on Saturday denounced sexual assaults and violence against women in Turkey, blaming the Justice and Development Government for full responsibility for complacency and inability to tackle the phenomenon.

First forum of Jinoloji research center initiated

The first meeting of the Center for Jinoloji Research (Women's Science) in the Euphrates region was launched under the slogan "Jinoloji against Social Sexuality" with the participation of dozens of women in Kobani city.

Woman’s Committee in al-Raqqa... Achievements done, other in effect

80% of al-Raqqa and its rural women benefited from economic and agricultural projects implemented by the Woman’s Committee of al-Raqqa Civil Council to support women's economy. The Committee is also considering other projects underway in the villages of al-Raqqa.

More than 29 women abducted, tortured within two months

The lives of women in Afrin turn dark in the middle of the day, day after day, due to violations by the Turkish occupation army and mercenaries against them, where more than 29 women were kidnapped, beaten, tortured and killed within two months, according to the Human Rights organization in Afrin

Torch march in Aleppo

The Young Women Movement in the Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood of Aleppo organized a march with torches within the activities of Kongra Star Campaign "Protect your Homeland and Dignity, and Defeat the Turkish occupation and ISIS".

Havrin Khalaf: Forum of Tribal Woman Notables is historic step

The Secretary-General of the Future Syria Party, Havrin Khalaf, pointed out that the Forum of Tribal Woman Notables has once again proved the cohesion and solidarity of women with each other in all circumstances, and it is a historic step added to the legacy of her struggle throughout history, as they delivered their message that they are advocates of peace.