Under violence against women ... seminar held in Al-Hasakah

Under “We Say No to Minors Marriage,” the Young Women's Union in al-Hasakah canton organized a seminar, where the forms and causes of violence against women, were addressed and several solutions to reduce violence against women and minor's marriage were proposed.

YJŞ: feminist will way to emancipation

Şengal Women Units, the YJŞ, has commemorated the 5th annual anniversary of it's establishment as well as paying tribute to Free Women Units, YJA STAR, and the Women Protection Units, the YPJ, for the vital role played in liberating the Yazidi women held as captives.

Kongra Star: Turkey ought to be prosecuted on Paris Massacre

Spokeswoman for the Kongra Star Coordination, Remziya Mohamed, stressed on the necessity of indicting the Turkish State on the Paris Massacre,  after former head of the Turkish Military Intelligence confessed to perpetration.

Kongra Star: Turkish attack on Garê translated even greater failure

The Kongra Star Coordination (KSC) praised the heroic resistance shown by the HPG in its response to the attacks of the Turkish occupation army on the Garê region, and indicated that the Turkish state was floundering in its policies, translating its attack on Garê into greater failure.

Young Woman in Deir Ezzor denounces Turkish occupation’s practices

The Young Woman in Deir Ezzor issued a statement denouncing the practices of the Turkish occupation in the region, including killing, kidnapping and torture of women and children, stressing that they are on the path of fighters until achieving their freedom.

Women: Thanks to Ocalan's thought, women are pioneers

Women in Manbij and Deir Ezzor confirmed that thanks to the thought of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, women are pioneers and leaders. Today, they have active role in their society and free from the shackles of slavery.

A Palestinian woman adopts his idea: Ocalan is our savior, the savior of humanity

Palestinian woman, Mona Youssef has adopted Ocalan ideology, sought to spread it among the women, after she believed in it and saw salvation in it, and said" Leader Ocalan saved the women from their bitter reality, he is our savior and savior of humanity, stressing " I will strive to spread Ocalan ideology in Palestine because its women have a spirit of struggle. "

Kongra Star: We to continue struggle enlightened by thought of Leader

The Kongra Star Coordination denounced the international conspiracy against the leader Abdullah Ocalan, stressing that the conspiracy targeted the will of the peoples' yearning for freedom and the free women, stressing that the struggle would continue enlightened by the thought of the leader Ocalan.

female lawyers condemn February plot

Female lawyers from the city of Raqqa voiced their condemnation of the  internationally hatched plot against leader Abdullah Ocalan, as they called on the international community to move immediately and to pressurize Turkish authorities to release the leader.