Assassination of Hind and Sa'da crime targets struggler women

The Kongra Star in Girkê Legê district condemned the assassination of the co-chair of Tel al-Shaer Town Council of al-Dashisha district, Saada al-Hermas, and her deputy, Hind al-Khudair, describing it as a "crime against humanity, targeting women in the first place."

Congra Star denounces Tal al-Shayer assassination 

Nida' al-Saleh, member to the Congra Star Coordination in Hasaka, denounced the assassination of the co-chair of the Tal al-shayer Council and her deputy, confirming that women are targeted by the Turkish Occupation Forces due to her prominent role played in the democratic nation project, stressing that ''they would never renounce their ideas''. 

Berivan Khaled: Women's imprint is clear in AA

 The Co-chair of the Autonomous Administration in North and East Syria, Berivan Khaled, said: "Women within the Autonomous Administration have a clear and tangible role in encouraging women to take their active role within society," and indicated that "the struggle to protect women's gains and get rid of the authoritarian mentality continues."

Feminist human rights center documents crimes in Afrin

The Research and Women's Rights Protection Center in Syria documented the killing of 66 women in Afrin, and the kidnapping of more than 149 women at the hands of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, while the number of injuries reached 178 cases of injury and assault.

Congra Star: struggle on until Afrin liberated

The Congra Star has indicated that the Turkish State via attacks on Afrin is retaliating ISIS that was defeated in the region, asserting that struggle would proceed until Afrin, Sere Kaniye and Gire Spi are all  liberated and protecting the gains made by the women's revolution, calling on the international associations to intervene and bear their responsibility to put an end to the Turkish Occupation and pave the way for people to return home.    

Netewî Xemgîn: Only option for Turkish state is to respond to Leyla Guven's demands

Member of the Kongra Star Coordination in Lebanon, Netewî Xemgîn, denounced the arrest of Leyla Güven, and said: "If the Turkish state today cannot bear women's will under the leadership of Leyla Güven, it is because she follows the path of Sara, ZÎlan, Leyla and Bêritan, and the approach of women's freedom."

Yousef: Kongra Star leads advancement of women march

In conjunction with the 16th anniversary of founding the Kongra Star, Fouza Yousef said that the KS led the advancement of women, and also called on the United Nations to send a fact-finding commission to the occupied areas in northern and eastern Syria, "where atrocious crimes are committed."

2nd phase of "No to Occupation and Extermination, Together We Protect Women and Life" campaign to be launched soon

The spokeswoman for the Kongra Star, Ramziyya Mohamed, indicated that the second phase of the "No to Occupation and Extermination, Together We Protect Women and Life" campaign is scheduled to be launched on January 17th, calling on all women's organizations to join the campaign, stand against all practices against women, escalate their struggle and protect the gains that have been achieved.