Mother Oweish .. Example of Arab woman struggling, sacrificing for freedom

She was introduced to the Kurdistan Liberation Movement through her children, believed in it, and devoted her life to serving the movement and the strugglers until she passed away. Mother Oweish was one of the first Arab women to meet the leader Abdullah Ocalan in the nineties to register a history full of achievements as a woman serving her country. She was characterized by her political and social activities until she sacrificed her daughter "Janda" for the homeland.

Campaign to collect signatures under slogan

The Center for Research and Protection of Women's Rights in Syria launched a campaign to collect signatures under the slogan "Justice for Hevrin Khalaf", and called on all civil organizations and political and legal figures to fulfill the call and sign the petition that will be submitted to the relevant authorities to investigate its file.

Activists: Turkey believes that resistance women pose a threat to its regime

Activists criticized the countries' silence regarding the occupation’s attacks, and its targeting of women, and pointed out that “Turkey believes that women who resist are a threat to its regime, so they deliberately targeted them, and demanded the release of detained women.

From sit-in tent: Women are targeted for their political identity

The women of Raqqa, who participated in the sit-in tent in the third day of their protest, affirmed that they were steadfast in front of the aggression of the occupying Turkish state, and pointed out that "targeting women to undermine their political identity.