Netewî Xemgîn: Only option for Turkish state is to respond to Leyla Guven's demands

Member of the Kongra Star Coordination in Lebanon, Netewî Xemgîn, denounced the arrest of Leyla Güven, and said: "If the Turkish state today cannot bear women's will under the leadership of Leyla Güven, it is because she follows the path of Sara, ZÎlan, Leyla and Bêritan, and the approach of women's freedom."

Yousef: Kongra Star leads advancement of women march

In conjunction with the 16th anniversary of founding the Kongra Star, Fouza Yousef said that the KS led the advancement of women, and also called on the United Nations to send a fact-finding commission to the occupied areas in northern and eastern Syria, "where atrocious crimes are committed."

2nd phase of "No to Occupation and Extermination, Together We Protect Women and Life" campaign to be launched soon

The spokeswoman for the Kongra Star, Ramziyya Mohamed, indicated that the second phase of the "No to Occupation and Extermination, Together We Protect Women and Life" campaign is scheduled to be launched on January 17th, calling on all women's organizations to join the campaign, stand against all practices against women, escalate their struggle and protect the gains that have been achieved.

Hardworking Woman: Laila Guven's arrest blatant legal breach

The Hardworking Woman Committee has called on the international community to take it's responsibility in reference to arrest of parliamentarian Laila Guven, stressing that '' it is a breach against freedom and human rights''.

Turkish breaches rejected by Deir Ezzor women 

Women in the eastern rural Dei Ezzor voiced their rejection to violations against women by the Turkish Occupation Forces and the affiliated mercenary groups, attacks on Ain Issa condemned. 

​​​​​​​In footsteps of blonde goddess, her two comrades

 Seven years ago, Turkish intelligence assassinated of one of the founders of the women's liberation struggle, and the Kurdistan Workers' Party, Sakina Cansiz "Sarah", in the French capital Paris, and the representative of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) Fidan Dogan " Rojbin", and the member of the Kurdish Youth Movement in Europe, Laila Shaylmez, Ronahi.

Beritan Saria: Leyla Guven is against policy of women extermination

Journalist Saria Baran said that the prison sentence issued by the Turkish authorities against Leyla Guven is an extension of a comprehensive scheme of the Turkish state targeting women in particular, and indicated that Leyla Guven is a pioneering struggler.