Yazidi New Year Celebration in Amuda distrci kick off

​​​​​​​Moments ago, the Yazidi festive activities of the Jazira region were launched, on the occasion of the Red Wednesday (Yazidi New Year), with a wide presence of Arabs and Syriacs.

Palm Sunday held in NES Derik

Christian Chaldeans of the city of Derik in North and East Syria celebrated today Palm Sunday.

The occupied areas turn into a focus for the spread of Leishmaniosis

The number of cases of leishmaniosis increased in Tel Tamer district, as it was transmitted to it from occupied areas by Turkish state, which turned the frontlines into landfills and swamps after cutting off the waters of Khabur River, bringing the number of infected people to 16,473.

 Depriving Autonomous Administration of UN aid exacerbates suffering of IDPs

 With the continued closure of the Tel Koçer crossing, the crisis of the displaced is worsening and international aid is interrupted. IDPs in the Manbij city camp say that they are living their worst days with the onset of winter, as rainwater seeps into the tents, and they are in dire need of aid.

Afrin Health: Russia did not meet pledge given

Co-chair of the Health Body of the Afrin Canton, Mohamed Nur Shabab, indicated the approach adopted by the Syrian government to harass people proceeds and that pledges made by Russia to the Health Body were not materialized on the ground

Turkey exploits Euphrates water to displace people

Women and farmers from Deir ez-Zor explained that withholding the Euphrates River is a policy that Turkey exploits to displace and starve the region's population and destabilize the region's security.