Duran Kalkan: Leader Ocalan's model lighted the way for humanity

Duran Kalkan explained that the model developed by leader Ocalan enlarged the way for humanity to see and understand real things, stressing that capitalist modernity in a state of weakness and world powers lost their ideological approach, and do not even have a strategic approach, as politics is managed on the basis of everyday concerns, thus providing an opportunity to develop the idea of freedom and democracy.

​​​​​​​Level water of Euphrates river is plummeting incredibly in Syrian lands

Large amounts of the flowing water of the Euphrates River had been remarkably reduced due to continuous blocking the flowing water by Turkish occupation since 5 consecutive months, while the director of the Rojava Dam (Tishreen), Engineer Hammoud al-Hamadin, saying” immeasurable suffering would be brought to the area, in which the river will considerably reduce in autumn season.”

Yazidi New Year Celebration in Amuda distrci kick off

​​​​​​​Moments ago, the Yazidi festive activities of the Jazira region were launched, on the occasion of the Red Wednesday (Yazidi New Year), with a wide presence of Arabs and Syriacs.

Palm Sunday held in NES Derik

Christian Chaldeans of the city of Derik in North and East Syria celebrated today Palm Sunday.