Collaboration among health institutions reduces leishmaniasis

The incidence of leishmaniasis in Tel Hamis and its suburbs in Al-Jazeera region has decreased during the current year as a result of efforts by the Health and Environment Body, the local administration, municipalities and health committees in the councils.

Mebrooka Camp … A shelter for Deir ez-Zor's displaced

The number of displaced persons from the areas of Deir ez-Zor and its villages is increasing within the camps in northern and eastern Syria in general, including the Mebrooka camp. The displaced people attributed their choice to the security and stability in the camp and the large number of sleeper cells in their areas.

Regime imposed suffocating siege on al-Shahba

The regime's forces have been imposing a lot of money on food, medical and fuel supplies to al-Shahba, which is home to tens of thousands of Afrin residents who have been forcibly removed from the Turkish-occupied canton since March 2018.

Repair of electrical network in western countryside of Deir ez-Zor 

Maintenance workshops in the electricity company of the Deir ez-Zor Civil Council continued its work to repair all damaged network lines in the western countryside and completed the repair process in full, despite the existence of one crane in use.

Turkish occupation army fired on sewage 's workers

The Turkish occupation army prevents the workers of the Municipality in Ad-Darbasiya from maintaining the drainage network in an area adjacent to the Turkish border with Syria

Several hospitals in Kobanî with one CT Scanner!

The hospitals in the city of Kobanî is suffering shortage in some medical devices amid high population density in the region, which is one of the safest areas in Syria.

War-affected buildings are a "threat" to residents in Kobani

Residents of Kobani in northern Syria complain about the presence of a number of war-affected buildings in the city of Kobani, saying they pose a threat to them, and called on the municipality to develop appropriate solutions.

International community should compensate affected farmers"

The victims of the fires that broke out in the agricultural crops stressed that the area is exposed to a number of dangers, including the danger of fire, which devoured the agricultural lands, indicating that the people of the region presented thousands of martyrs in defense of the whole world. Today, the international society must stand alongside of them for helping them and support AA.

Fires in Tel Koçer countryside

Firefighters continue to support the villagers to extinguish the fires that broke out today in the agricultural land in Tel Koçer countryside.

Another 30,000 dunums burned yesterday

On Monday, a fire broke out on agricultural crops in al-Jazeera region, in the triangle al-Hasaka - Amouda - Qamishlo on the International Road about 30 thousand dunums of agricultural land burned.

1st  conference on heart disease, surgery to be held soon

The Health Body of North and East Syria is preparing to hold the first medical scientific conference in North and East Syria to discuss the global scientific developments regarding heart disease and surgery.

AA is fully ready to receive wheat, barely corps from farmers

The Economic and Agriculture Body in Autonomous Administration in North and East of Syria has prepared 15 grain -receiving centers to accommodate thousands of tons, defined its conditions for receiving the crops from the farmers and announced that it will receive wheat and barley marketed to the centers.

Kobanî residents denounce Turkish violations

A number of residents of Kobanî canton denounced the practices of the Turkish occupation army to burn agricultural land belonging to the people west of the city of Kobanî, and appealed to the international community to intervene and put an end to the Turkish violations.

Agriculture Directorate in al-Tabqa seeks to revive Abu Qubea site

 The Agriculture Directorate of the Economic Committee in al-Tabqa is currently rehabilitating the agricultural site of Abu Qubea, which is estimated at 135 hectares due to the destruction and negligence when mercenaries controlled the site.