Refugees affairs' office: organizations neglect its duty toward refugees in N,E camps 

The co-chair of the Office for the Displaced Affairs said that the humanitarian and relief organizations supporting the Autonomous Administration 's camps are slow to respond to the winter, pointing out that there are two batches of displaced people will be evacuated from the camps within the program of return within the next few days.

Wheat festival highlights heritage of woman

Under the slogan "Plant and Revive the Land", and to revive women's heritage work, the Economy of Women in northern and eastern Syria today held the first wheat festival.

AA: Refugees who came out of camp during 3 months estimated 1%

The Autonomous Administration has revealed the numbers that came out of the 14 camps it supervises, within 3 months of its return program. The administration estimated that less than one percent of the total number of refugees in its camps had been displaced.

Education Committee in Manbij is underway many preparations for new year

After the work of the Education Committee in Manbij and its countryside to prepare teachers in the city and the countryside in all disciplines and after the conclusion of the school principals session, the committee is following up and rehabilitation of schools in the city and the countryside.

Mebrooka Camp … A shelter for Deir ez-Zor's displaced

The number of displaced persons from the areas of Deir ez-Zor and its villages is increasing within the camps in northern and eastern Syria in general, including the Mebrooka camp. The displaced people attributed their choice to the security and stability in the camp and the large number of sleeper cells in their areas.

Regime imposed suffocating siege on al-Shahba

The regime's forces have been imposing a lot of money on food, medical and fuel supplies to al-Shahba, which is home to tens of thousands of Afrin residents who have been forcibly removed from the Turkish-occupied canton since March 2018.

Parents demand activation of Selok Hospital

The operation of activation the Selok District Hospital was not completed after the Save the Children organization failed to provide medical equipment. The residents are demanding that the hospital be activated, while the health committee in the Gire Spi canton revealed the obstacle to the activation process.

Turkish occupation army fired on sewage 's workers

The Turkish occupation army prevents the workers of the Municipality in Ad-Darbasiya from maintaining the drainage network in an area adjacent to the Turkish border with Syria

Several hospitals in Kobanî with one CT Scanner!

The hospitals in the city of Kobanî is suffering shortage in some medical devices amid high population density in the region, which is one of the safest areas in Syria.

More than 40,000 teachers joined courses in N,E Syria

The Pedagogy and Education Body in the Autonomous Administration in North and East of Syria is seeking to promote the educational reality through the courses it opened to qualify the administrators of the educational process in the areas of administration and set criteria for success, while the co-chair has explained of the body the reasons for the varying length of time for these courses between managements

International community should compensate affected farmers"

The victims of the fires that broke out in the agricultural crops stressed that the area is exposed to a number of dangers, including the danger of fire, which devoured the agricultural lands, indicating that the people of the region presented thousands of martyrs in defense of the whole world. Today, the international society must stand alongside of them for helping them and support AA.