Diseases are increasing, Avrin Hospital needs help

With the onset of the summer and rising heat, diseases have increased in the canton of al-Shahba. Avrin Hospital treated 1,6644 cases in June amid demands for drug and equipment support for the hospital to better serve health and medical services, as it is the only hospital in the canton.

Residents' cooperation contributed in reducing fires

The people municipality 's teams and emergency committees in al-Shaddadi district are working in full swing in the event of any problem after the fires that have engulfed large areas of al-Jazeera. Municipal officials stressed that the cooperation of the residents with the institutions was the reason for reducing fires in the area

More than 40,000 teachers joined courses in N,E Syria

The Pedagogy and Education Body in the Autonomous Administration in North and East of Syria is seeking to promote the educational reality through the courses it opened to qualify the administrators of the educational process in the areas of administration and set criteria for success, while the co-chair has explained of the body the reasons for the varying length of time for these courses between managements

Forestation project in vicinity of Qal'at Najm

The Directorate of Antiquities in the city of Manbij and its countryside continues to implement the afforestation project in the vicinity of Qal'at Najm , which was launched in May 2018.

Cases of suffocation, fire penetrates Dabous village

The fires that spread to the village of Dabous south of Amuda caused a number of cases of suffocation among the residents, while the efforts of the firefighting teams with the support of the people to extinguish the fire and prevent further expansion.

3 field hospitals to serve al-Hol camp

Al-Hol camp administration is seeking to open three field hospitals inside the camp to provide health care, respond quickly to the sick conditions and serve more than 73,000 displaced persons and refugees. Supplying the three field hospitals are currently in the final stage of providing technical equipment.

Huge Fire in Ain ISSA

A huge fire destroyed thousands of hectares of agricultural land in the countryside of Ain Issa.

 Intensive movement in Manbij markets

Ramadan drinks and food vary from one region to another, but Manbij and its countryside have a special character that makes them distinguished. Some vendors rely on popular Ramadan foods and drinks as a seasonal source to earn a living.

Al-Ashrafieh markets prospered after rehabilitation

The shop owners in the neighborhood of al-Ashrafieh in Aleppo began to reopen their shops and commercialize their trade to return to life again. After years of clashes and battles, about 400 shops and workshops opened in the neighborhood amid the continued flow of people.

AA allocates 200,000,000 $ to buy wheat's crop from farmers

The Economy and Agriculture Body in the Autonomous Administration (AA) in North and East Syria has completed its preparations to buy wheat from farmers and limited amount of barley. According to the co-chair of the Economy and Agriculture Body, the allocated sum is 200 million dollars.

Floods increase suffering of al-Arishah camp refugees

About 1,200 tents were damaged in al-Arishah camp due to flooding caused by the rise of the "Southern Dam" water level, while the organizations have stopped the distribution of assistances to the affected refugees, and this is increasing the suffering of the refugees.

Al-Khatouniya Clinic lacks of basic services 

Al-Khatouniya Health Center in western countryside of al-Raqqa is treating about 200 patients daily, but the medical center does not meet the needs of the peoples in the area due to lack of medical staff and medical supplies.

Horrible crimes committed in al-Raqqa during IS' domination

The survival of mercenaries for more than two years in the city of al-Raqqa and its countryside, whose "alleged capital" was a dark black era, the people of the region passed through. The story of the family of Ghosun Mohammed al-Khalaf and the family of Ali al-Hassen embodies the darkness in which the people of the region lived.

About 72,842 refugees settle in al-Hol camp

About 72,842 refugees who are staying in al-Hol camp including Iraqi refugees, Syrian refugees, as well as IS families' mercenaries who surrendered themselves to SDF's fighters, where the camp is considered the 8th in north and east of Syria, which is supervised by the Autonomous Administration.

The Akitu holiday: renewal and revival of life

Akitu or Assyrian New Year, one of the oldest holidays in the region, celebrated by the Syriac, Babylonian, Chaldean and Assyrian peoples of the region, and reflects the renewed and revival of life with the coming of spring.