Quarantine center is underway inside al-Mahmoudly camp in al-Tabqa countryside

Al- Mahmoudly camp's administration is preparing to establish quarantine center, taken all preventive measures to prevent coronavirus outbreak inside al-Mahmoudly camp, which includes 8,000 refugees, while the number of the infected persons reached to 117 cases in the autonomous administration areas.

AANES continues to support displaced people

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) provided 2,000 fans to the residents of Washokani camp in al-Hasakah canton, amid the failure of international organizations and the absence of their role in assisting the displaced.

Tal Tamr ... in face of Turkey's weapon of water

The suffering of Tal Tamr district people is increasing in the summer, due to the ongoing cut off  of water supply by the Turkish occupation from the Euphrates River causing a shortage of electric energy, affecting directly the children of the region.

Al-Shahba residents suffer from siege

Al-Shahba district is located in the northwestern city of Aleppo, and is only a few kilometers away from the Syrian government's control areas in Aleppo, where the government imposes a blockade on the people of Afrin canton and prevents the entry of diesel tanks and the exit of the people to the city of Aleppo, and the entry of materials to the canton.

Caesar's Act casts shadow over area ... Opening Tel Koçber crossing urgent necessity

More than 5 million of the northeast Syria are on the verge of an imminent humanitarian catastrophe, due to the implementation of the Caesar Act sanctions by the United States of America on the country, and the continued closure of the Tel Kocber/ Al-Yarubia border crossing in the face of humanitarian aid after the Russian veto.

Negligence, no aids in front lines 

The residents who are living in the near of the occupied areas by Turkish occupation and its mercenaries are suffering from deplorable situation, after imposing US sanctions "Caesar's Law", high price, and negligence of the humanitarian organizations to support these regions with aids.

Euphrates ... as you have not seen it before!

Pictures and video clips of the Euphrates when entering Syrian territory show shocking scenes of the course of the largest river in the country, two months after Turkey reduced the rate of water flowing to the Syrian side.