Hajin schools open its doors to students again

After the deprivation which lasted for 6 years the children of Hajin town have flocked to the school newly, after liberated the town form ISIS grip by SDF' fighters.

Collaboration among health institutions reduces leishmaniasis

The incidence of leishmaniasis in Tel Hamis and its suburbs in Al-Jazeera region has decreased during the current year as a result of efforts by the Health and Environment Body, the local administration, municipalities and health committees in the councils.

Refugees' women in Deir-ez-Zor countryside demanded to improve service sector

In the western countryside of Deir-ez-Zor many random camps are spread, which contain refugees' families who fled from the areas under Syrian regime domination, who demanded of the Deir-ez-Zor Civil Council to provide them the opportunity of jobs, in addition to provide assistance and support by the organizations.

Camps are changed to gardens

Afrin canton's people have changed the camps in which they live in al-Shahba canton to gardens, each tent has a small garden.

Parents demand activation of Selok Hospital

The operation of activation the Selok District Hospital was not completed after the Save the Children organization failed to provide medical equipment. The residents are demanding that the hospital be activated, while the health committee in the Gire Spi canton revealed the obstacle to the activation process.

Diseases are increasing, Avrin Hospital needs help

With the onset of the summer and rising heat, diseases have increased in the canton of al-Shahba. Avrin Hospital treated 1,6644 cases in June amid demands for drug and equipment support for the hospital to better serve health and medical services, as it is the only hospital in the canton.

Residents' cooperation contributed in reducing fires

The people municipality 's teams and emergency committees in al-Shaddadi district are working in full swing in the event of any problem after the fires that have engulfed large areas of al-Jazeera. Municipal officials stressed that the cooperation of the residents with the institutions was the reason for reducing fires in the area

More than 40,000 teachers joined courses in N,E Syria

The Pedagogy and Education Body in the Autonomous Administration in North and East of Syria is seeking to promote the educational reality through the courses it opened to qualify the administrators of the educational process in the areas of administration and set criteria for success, while the co-chair has explained of the body the reasons for the varying length of time for these courses between managements

Forestation project in vicinity of Qal'at Najm

The Directorate of Antiquities in the city of Manbij and its countryside continues to implement the afforestation project in the vicinity of Qal'at Najm , which was launched in May 2018.

Cases of suffocation, fire penetrates Dabous village

The fires that spread to the village of Dabous south of Amuda caused a number of cases of suffocation among the residents, while the efforts of the firefighting teams with the support of the people to extinguish the fire and prevent further expansion.