Elections of Turkey, northern Kurdistan... Another blow for Erdogan after al-Bagouz!

As Erdogan's government benefited from the Syrian crisis and its president, Erdogan, boasted of all the occupation and domination of the terrorist groups in Syria at the expense of the peoples of northern and eastern Syria, the countdown to the painful blows he received, which began in Kobani and the harshest were in al-Bagouz and today continued in the elections, the slope where the free people will declare the end of the arrogance and dreams of this dictator.

Thomas Garrett: lies of Jawish Oglu cannot be refuted!

Shawish Oglu's statements about Turkey's ability to eliminate ISIS cannot be ignored, because the implementation process only done by changing clothes, as the US Congressman has pointed out.

Demanding  a democratic system, al-Suweida paid a high price

We saw together the nature of the Syrian crisis events that sparked controversy about the course of the crisis, which is mainly due to the demands of the Syrian people to change the mechanism of governance in Syria, especially where there are points where the crisis broke out and continued demands during the stages of the revolution as Dara and Idlib in particular and a section of eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo and other parts of Syria.

Idlib ... What about next deal!

The question now is, what will be the fate of the Idlib area, which is controlled by mercenary gangs whose names are different? This question is posed by everyone, if they think about the fate of this area.

Erdogan does not spare of terrorists in Idlib

Idlib the Syrian province has become a gathering point for all mercenaries and terrorists of European and Asian origin. The AKP authorities brought them to Syria as its crisis began, to use them to achieve their objectives and restore their Ottoman glory. But it seems that Turkey will not easily abandon these terrorists while talking about launching a military operation in Idlib.

What is the reason for Ottomans' map in Jarablus?

A map of the Ottoman Empire appeared in Jarablus city in North Syria, which was occupied by the Turkish occupation army. What is the reason for the appearance of the map in the Syrian territories in light of the denial of the Turkish state to restore Ottoman dreams?

Idlib ... the expected scenario after Daraa and Quneitra

All the mercenary factions have been gathered in Syria in the areas of Idlib, Jarablus, Azaz, Al-Bab and Afrin, headed by the mercenaries of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhit al-Nusra). These areas are expected to witness significant developments in the coming days. Either to liquidate all the mercenary factions or to be a card Turkey uses to beset and disturb the security and stability the region, especially the city of Aleppo, which has become a Turkish dream.