​​​​​​​Like dominoes. Does the fall of political Islam extend to the source of Turkey?

The last period witnessed the fall of political Islam organizations and the Muslim Brotherhood, especially in the Middle East. from Egypt and Sudan to Tunisia and Morocco. Amid expectations that this fall will reach the main incubator of this current, which is Turkey. Why did political Islam fall? Is there a link between the fall in the Middle East and the rise in Central Asia?

September 15.. ISIS – Turkey plans starts to fail

 The 15 of September 2015 was the day ISIS began launching its major attack on the city of Kobani in northern Syria, and with the mercenaries suffering a major defeat, that day turned into the beginning of the failure of ISIS plans behind which Turkey stood, but the latter is trying hard today to achieve what ISIS was unable to achieve.  Through direct intervention and seeking to spread chaos in the areas where stability was achieved after the defeat of the mercenaries.

What happened on 4 August 2014 ... YPG units arrive Şingal

 "Peoples' Protection Units, The YPG and Guerilla forces prevented the Yazidi community to come under greater massacres, and saved hundreds of thousands of the killing. On the 73th anniversary of the Ferman (Kurdish word for Genocide), the YPG's Commander and in charge of the media center tells how they helped the Yazidi minority to the safety and liberated the regions religious minority from the fanatic ISIS organization"

​​​​​​​A story from Shingal massacre-2

"They took us to the cemeteries of the Murdered Yazîdis" he said, adding that if it weren't for the Guerilla forces and fighters from Bakûr Kurdistan, a Yezidi wouldn't have survived.

What is the importance of Manbij?

Manbij, which was liberated on August 15, 2016, was and still is an area over which local, regional and international forces are battling for control. It recently came to the fore with Nasr Hariri's call for the head of the Turkish occupation state, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to occupy it. What is importance of this area to each of the contending forces?