Solid evidence on Turkish state's use of internationally prohibited weapons

Resistance has escalated in the face of the Turkish occupational state’s attacks against the areas of northern and eastern Syria since the ninth of October, and with the escalation of resistance on a daily basis, the Turkish occupation resorted to using internationally prohibited weapons on the eighth day of the resistance in the city of Serekaniye.

Platforms discuss their interests under pretext of constitution…

The Syrians and the whole world have been preoccupied with the subject of the Constitutional Committee and its lists, as if Syria's only problem is the constitution, more interesting, however, is the number of entities and platforms formed abroad to rule the Syrians under the names of the capitals in which they were formed.

Arîn Mîrkan …. Who terrorized ISIS' caliphate

Self-sacrifice which was carried out by Arîn Mîrkan raised the level of the resistance against ISIS, reminded the whole world about its dangerous, and its and its resonance was reflected in the resistance of Afrin through the self-sacrifice operation carried out by Avista Khabur

Afrin… the transit route of ISIS to N, E Syria

Abu Ali Bekesi is one of the most dangerous ISIS mercenary cells in the regions of al-Jazeera region, and has used Turkey as a planning station and the occupied city of Afrin as crossing into northern and eastern Syria to carry out the attacks.

Look at Syrian constitutions... the committee declared is extension of past mistakes

Since the First World War, Syria has witnessed a change in many constitutions, but the common denominator among them is that they do not represent the cultural, religious and national diversity in Syria. These constitutions have led to major crises. Will the last UN-declared committee fruit new results while it is repeating the old mistakes?

Northern Syria ... Language revolution to revive what has been marginalized

The north of Syria is characterized by cultural diversity and the multiplicity of coexistence components, which have gained their rights to enjoy the practice of their culture and speak their mother tongue and learn the language of the other, having resisted and still resist the policy of one language and one culture.

Turkey in its war crimes, violations is killing peace in N Syria

At a time when the whole world is celebrating World Day of Peace, the Turkish state in turn violates all international human rights and conventions, and violates the borders between states and the principles of international peace agreed upon by the countries of the world, where murder, displacement, occupation, massacres and heinous war crimes are being committed today against the peoples of the north and eastern Syria.

How "ENKS" was founded? What is the purpose of its founding?

The Kurdish National Council in Syria (ENKS), which was established in 2011 in Başûr Kurdistan(South Kurdistan) with the support of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, has held 16 meetings to date with the Turkish state and especially with the Turkish intelligence (MIT). In the presence of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, in addition to 4 meetings between the so-called "Peshmerga Roj" and the United States of America.

HPC in Rojava to protect society's values -3

Society Protection Force (HPC) system which is established in Rojava is considered one of the most common ways for a society to defend its values in the face of any threat to its identity, culture, public moral and moral values. Therefore, the people in the north and east of Syria developed this system to become an integrated institution that started from the neighborhoods and villages to take its place on the fronts of the war against terrorism and external aggression.

19 July revolution... Radical changes that transformed face of the region

On the nineteenth of July 2012, having expelled elements of the Syrian regime from the city weeks after mass demonstrations the people of the city of Kobani took to the streets and raised the flags of the revolution on the buildings after they, elements of the regime did not stand silent about, just like the rest of the Syrian cities, the demonstrations here have also been suppressed.

Near border…Kasab, Idlib, "Anfal" invasions... worst of Turkey, its mercenaries' in Syria…!

The Turkish state, with its support for listed internationally terrorist organizations, has been able to distort the social and cultural heritage of the Syrian people in most areas and is still working to drag other areas to this change. In this dossier, we will focus on the coastal area of ​​Kasab and Idlib governate align to the Turkish border and the most important war crimes Turkey and the mercenaries it supports committed against the prominent religious communities there.

 IS…from beginning to end; Turkey-funded gangs share same mentality -4

The resistance of Kobanî was a key point in the war against IS. The attack of IS which controlled every region failed to occupy Kobanî. This opened the way for the Global Coalition to cooperate with the People's and Women's Protection Units (YPG and YPJ) and later the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to eliminate this global threat, but despite IS' defeat, Turkey-supported groups in Syria adopt the same mentality which the whole world must be cautious about.

 IS…from beginning to end; Turkey-funded gangs share same mentality-3

The bad reputation of IS mercenaries who used to slaughter their opponents and blast the booby-trapped vehicles spread speedily. This has prompted many regional and international forces to plant their cells within it and they provided them with support to achieve their objectives in the region, especially the Turkish state which sent IS to the Kurdish areas of Syria and Iraq committing massacres.

ISIS…from beginning to end; Turkey-funded gangs share same mentality-2

When Abo Baker al-Bagdadi undertook ISIS command, he was not known to anyone, but taking advantage of the region’s circumstances that the area witnessed, particularly revolutions and the regional support: Turkey and Qatar to get the money and arms required to expand its control, thus it moved from Iraq to Syria, too.