On anniversary of Al-Raqqa liberation ... it rebuilds anew

Contrary to the destroyed Syrian areas under the government and Turkish mercenaries' control, Al-Raqqa, which witnessed the fiercest battles against ISIS, is rebuilt with the active solidarity of its clans with the Civil Administration. After 3 years of liberation, the destroyed city is developing.

One year since Girê Spi occupation.. drastic consequences and damage

A year after Turkey occupied the Girê Spi / Tal Abyad canton, we elaborate on the occupation’s catastrophic results and severe damage at all levels, while the co-chair of the canton called on the international community to pressure Turkey to secure the safe return of the displaced to their cities and villages.

Occupation of Serêkaniyê, Girê Sp...deal at expense of Syrians

Turkey has been working on occupation of the NE Syria since the start of the crisis, utilizing of the American Russian paradoxes in an attempt to revive the defunct Ottoman Empire, so how did it manage to occupy these two cities, and what circumstances prevailed during that period.

Events of 6-7-8 October, campaign against HDP - 2

After ISIS mercenaries were on the doors of Kobane on the 2nd of October, the public reactions escalated on 6-7-8 of October worldwide. The army and police could no longer take to the streets because of people demands regarding the besieged city of Kobane. Thus, becoming the talk of the world public opinion.

What happens in border triangle between Rojava, Başûr and Bakur?

Information indicates that the strongholds that were built in the border triangle between Rojava, Başûr Kurdistan, and Bakur Kurdistan by the Turkish intelligence and the Kurdistan Democratic Party are to monitor the borders, and information indicates that the Turkish occupation will build an airport for reconnaissance planes on Mount Bê Xêr in Başûr Kurdistan.

Woman ... symbol of historical battle of Kobane - 2

The world-famous battle of Kobane against ISIS symbolized the will of the Kurdish woman, who played the most prominent role in liberating the city, after months of battles and massive human losses.