April 4th: Birth of people – 2

After 1970, leader Abdullah Ocalan took the struggle further steps forward and began to lay the foundations for a revolutionary tool that culminated in the establishment of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) in 1978 away from nationalism.

April 4th: Birth of people - 1

At a time when the Kurdish presence was breathing its last, and while the fascist forces left by the British and French colonialism in the Middle East were preparing to spell the end of indigenous cultures in the region, the leader Abdullah Ocalan was born to mark the beginning of a shift in the course of the struggle of the oppressed peoples and give them hope for existence and freedom again.

Daesh/ ISIS still exists . . . why is not eradicated yet?

Many researcher specialists in the affairs of Extremist Groups agree that the continuation of the international conflict in Syria and the presence of AKP in Turkey are the major role for prolonging ISIS/ Daesh threat, despite defeating ISIS/Daesh in al-Baghouz town geographically since 2 years.

After a decade, no end to suffering in war-torn Syria

The Syrian conflict has entered its 11th year, launched as local popular movement, but quickly turned into a crisis and proxy war, many counties interfered in its affairs, forcing large number of its residents to exodus, while the others are still facing ambiguous fate, as war continues between the countries.

Who is Nasr Al-Hariri …Hewlêr's darling?

He who prepared the report of the child Hamza al-Khatib, under the directives of the Syrian security forces, and turned against the members of the so-called "High Negotiations Committee", which the Syrians dubbed as the "Merchants of the Committee", and his speeches against the Kurds do not differ from Erdogan's.

AA breathes life into languages that were on verge of extinction

The Autonomous Administration breathed life into languages that were classified on the list of endangered languages, and while many languages are facing the threat of extinction, the regions of north and east Syria witnessed a remarkable activity in this regard, and every national component was able to receive education in its mother tongue in the curricula of the Autonomous Administration.

Millî Pact and Neo-Ottomans. Colonialism immanent in AKP

The ongoing moves of the Turkish state in Syria, Iraq and the region in general are pushing to make sure that this state and its leaders are serious about returning the region to the Ottoman era by implementing the so-called Millî Pact through the "new Ottomans". What is this pact, and how did the Justice and Development Party "exploit" the conditions of the region to begin implementing it?